Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treat bags for the class

Well I am ready for my class tomorrow.
Like I said earlier my friend asked me to teach a class on one of the projects that I had done. So we decided on these treat bags. She is a Stampin' Up demonstrator so I used her products. Which I love anyway.
I decided to do a Holiday theme. Here is what I came up with. I am only doing the treat bag.
There are about 10 women coming tomorrow. So I made up these kits. I am not sure of the ladies crafting abilities so I made the kits pretty complete. They just have to stamp, punch and attach. No cutting or scoring, Easy peasy.
Today, besides working on these, I went out for lunch with Sharon. We went to Applebee's. I ordered something I have never ordered before, now I know why I order the same ol' things. The bun for the sandwich was a bit on the hard side and we paid an extra 1.99 for onion rings instead of fries. We only got 5 or 6 onion rings. I even asked the waitress, did you split our order, she laughed and said no that's a full order.

I also went to the fabric store to pick up my fabric for my fall quilted wall hanging. They also had the batting I use on for 50% off. It is $28.00 a meter so half price is nice.
Well they told me that the batting in the bags were the only ones on sale. I was sure the flyer said on the bolts were on sale as well. So I got one of their flyers to show them. Then they checked with the manager and she said it was only on selected batting.
OK, what ever. But then I thought no the package is the same brand as the bolt. So I went to the manager and explained it. And she said, your right, (don't you just love when someone says that to you :) I didn't realize it was the same brand.
So to make a short story long (which I am good at, teehee) I bought my batting at 50% off, from the bolt,yeah.

Thank you to all of you who were concerned about Ashley. She was good as new later this afternoon. She is happy to report that she is going to work tomorrow. She feels so bad for missing work.

Thankful Thursday.

1. Ashley feeling better
2. No one else sick in the family (touch wood)
3. Getting my batting on sale
4. Finishing my treat bag and kits.
5. Going out to lunch and having a friendly debate ;)

What are you Thankful for today.



  1. Tracy,
    So happy Ahsley is feeling better and that no one else is sick (touches wood too)
    Great deal on your batting as well.
    What cute treat bags these are. I love them.
    The colors are great.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. awesome treat bags once again! great colors!

  3. Love the teat bags! You know, my husband makes fun of me that I order the same thing every time we go out. But your story is exactly why I do! Lol Have a great Friday!

  4. These treat bags are so beautiful! You really did a fantastic job with them!

  5. I am going to try to make some bags :)

  6. Hey.. those are so cute and pretty. Wish I was there to get a kit. LOL. I am thankful for the weekend and for my family. :) Have a great weekend.

  7. Love the treat bags! I think I will make some for our holiday party.

  8. Love the colors and design on the treat bags, the ladies will love it!

    I can relate to ordering the same thing everywhere I go, once I find something that I like, I rarely order anything different.

    Glad Ashley is feeling better! I have an Ashlie too!

    * I'm thankful that today is Friday
    * for a quiet office
    * that I'm almost done typing up minutes from a 2 day meeting.
    * diet coke! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I am glad that Ashley is feeling better :) I am sure that your class and your kits will be a success :)

  10. Adorable treat bags....and I'm glad Ashley is feeling better! Yay you for getting your batting on sale. :)

  11. Very cute treat bags - good luck with your class tomorrow. Take some pictures! And yes, the kits are a great idea. Keeping assembly simple means more time to chat!

  12. These kits are really awesome!! I bet they had a great time making the cards!

  13. super sweet treat bags! good luck in the class.

  14. Those bags are so cute! That will be a great class.

  15. The bags look great - have fun teaching your class!

  16. I love your bags! You will have a great class, I'm sure of it!!

  17. Beautiful bags from a beautiful bag. Ahaha I crack myself up. They are very pretty. The colors are great. You have such a great eye for color, did ya know that?

  18. Your treat bags look fab, and i'm sure everyone will love making them up.
    Have a good weekend
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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