Monday, November 15, 2010

Video of my Scrap/Craft room

I finally got my video up.
Beware it is very choppy, I had to edit the crap out of it. It was soooo long, guess that means that I have way too much stuff, teehee.

I thought I was ahead to the game as I recorded it yesterday, as I knew I was going to be busy all day today.
When I went to edit it, it was 45 minutes long. I re taped it..1/2 an hour long. So I had to edit the crap out of it. I got it down to 19 minutes and thought oh I'll try to upload it. Yeah it saved, and uploaded and was processing it.After over 3 hours or so it was rejected for being to long.I'm like why the heck didn't they inform me of this before all the rigmarole (is that one word?).
So I got it down to 15min. 15 seconds. (hard to find 15 seconds to edit)
Same thing, it saved, uploaded and was processing. Another 3 hours, yup you guessed it failed because it was to long, GRRRRR. I kept thinking of Becky's comment about technical difficulties, LOL. Jinx.

I was up so late putting this up and I am still not happy with the video. I won't tell you how late, but hubby's alarm just went off. Maybe I will make him breakfast. It would be the first time in our 22 yrs of marriage.

Onto my day:
My day was spent running around. I had to do banking, groceries and a favour for my sister. Drove Heather around looking for a game that she couldn't find.
Tonight I went out with my Sister/sister in law, Darlene. I call her that because she is Wayne's (hubby's) sister and she married my brother.
She had tickets to go and see Sylvia Browne and my brother was out of town. So I was excited to go. I told her lets make it a girls night of it. So we went out for dinner, then to the auditorium for the show. Sad thing was the show was postponed until Dec 7th, I guess Sylvia was ill. So that put a damper in the evening. I guess Sylvia didn't predict that one. But we still enjoyed ourselves.

Question...Why did I still have to make supper when I was going to for dinner? Just a thought.


  1. Pressed for time this morning, so afraid I didn't view your little video...but I'll try to come back later!

  2. Sorry to hear the concert was canceled. Hope you enjoyed your evening despite it.

  3. Love your scrapbooking room!! You are so well organized... if you ever take a trip to Kansas, let me know and you can come help me organize my scrap space!!

  4. great video tracy. i was so looking forward to this! your room is fantastic! i love the little chocolate boxes--great idea!

  5. I love your scrapbook room! Thank you for giving us a tour of it. Awesome! What a pity that you had to edit it down to only 15 minutes. Maybe you could do a series of videos? :)

  6. You crack me up! Loved your tour, it did not disappoint! Your room is lovely and so organized! I'm in the basement too and I have one of Mike's old quilted flannel shirts to keep me warm! I loved your "inspiration" piece and how you store your wood stamps. I have peg board as well and I really love the idea of painting it the same color of the wall! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Love the room -some great ideas for organizing thanks for sharing. I wish I knew how to do video. Some day- or maybe I'll ust get my techie kid to do it for me.

  8. Fun video! Worth the wait for sure. I love to see how others organize. I think we all have some of the same ideas. I don't have any candy containers, but I do have iris carts and 12x12 boxes and the over the door punch storage. Thanks for posting this.

  9. That is a serious stash of punches and stamps! Thanks for putting up with the technical difficulties and posting your wonderful video!

  10. Tracy,
    I love your room, and girl you have a lot of stamps.
    Very organized too
    Thanks so much for sharing

  11. I loved your video! ...and I love your space!!! Sorry it took so long to upload, but glad that you did! Looks like an awesome space. And LOVE the sweater! I have an old sweater that I scrap in too! It must be part of that Inner Hoarder thing, but wouldn't give it up for the world. Great Job!

  12. HOly Cow Tracy, you're right, I love the video! I'm like totally in awe of how organized and labeled everything is!! I'd love to have more space to be organized..right now, my scrap space is along one wall in my bedroom..haha.

    Oh, Um..yeah, I'd like a close up of the inspiration tag you pulled out of your carousel!! ;)

  13. wow! What a great Space! I love how you used the fererro rocher containers. Those are my husbands favorite chocolates. I never thought to use those. What a great idea. I think I'm going to have to go buy him some more chocolate.

  14. Great room! You are so organized :) Love your punches... they looks so pretty!

  15. I love your red room - and especially that peg board! It's impressive how organized everything is, right down to the labels. I picked up a few good ideas from you, like the fact that you mounted those little ink holders, and cover plastic containers with paper or paint. Thanks for the tour. Happy crafting!

  16. great video tour! Sorry you had so many issues with uploading the video, but I'm glad you finally got it to work.

  17. WOW!!! love it, someone must have eaten lots of FR chocs, lol


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