Saturday, April 6, 2013

6x6 paper organization and some more snow.

I was planning on colouring and paper piecing some images and making some cards today.
Well guess what, I couldn't find the perfect paper.
Pretty pathetic isn't it. Especially when I have 82 6x6 paper packs and 23 8x8 paper packs..and more than I can count for 12x12's.
Yes I just counted them...hanging head in shame.

So I thought I should re-organize them and hopefully get inspired from all the pretty papers.
I store all my 8x8's together and then the 6x6's together.
I think I am going to change the way I am storing them.
So I brought them all upstairs so I could sort them, while I watch Wayne play his video game Walking Dead :)

As I was sorting them, I found a few (okay quite a few) paper packs that I had duplicates of.
I even had one pack I had bought 3 of....hanging head in shame...again.
But in my defense (which I need) I did purchase a few of these for gifts...mind you I think the packs I bought for gifts are in my sewing desk :O
Anyway...I am adding envelopes to the paper packs for my scraps.
I am hoping to get a video up to share more in detail on how I am doing this.

Today was a perfect day to stay indoors.
Well for me it was. I don't really like the cold, and I am really tired of all this snow.
We had some snow last night and it has been showing all day today.

Today was the day for the Polar Bear Plunge here in town.
It was to raise money for the Special Olympics.
Does she look a little cold, teehee.

Lake Superior was still frozen. I think the ice was about 2ft thick. I went to school with Warren (the guy in the video).
Because the lake was frozen solid, they had to cut through it.
Not my idea of fun...but they raised a lot of money for a great organization.

I hope you all had a warm and creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Brrrr, so crazy! Snow here too. :0(
    Sorry, hadto laugh about the duplicates (you know what you like, lol!) and that with all that, no perfect paper. ;0)

  2. Hoping to see them all sorted and what you did to organize them. A friend of mine uses the envelopes on the back and really loves that. Seems to work well for the small scraps.

  3. Lots of pretty paper you have there. I can't wait to see how you organize them...

  4. You do have some paper there, but you always need more right. looking forward to the video, the water looks lovely go on take a dip. LOL :)

  5. I have a thing about paper too, far too many, I can resist some stamps but never paper, a good cause but it looks too cold for me.
    Chris x

  6. Looking forward to seeing the next bit of organization. And they must be mad, and yep they look blooming freezing! Have a good day and please keep the snow there with you, don't want anymore thankyou!:-)

  7. Never mind, Two Peas, we should come shopping at your house! :-) 6x6 pads are so useful. That water is beyond cold. Can't imagine jumping in.

  8. Ah! Everyone looks so cold!

    I can't wait to see how you organize everything. I have a few duplicate packs too, but there are just some that I love so much that I *need* doubles. At least, that's what I tell myself :)

  9. Oh wow, you can keep the snow!! Here in Indiana it's been really nice (but windy). I've been riding my bike every day.

  10. I was just wondering where Spring is, but you must feel that especially, with all that snow! :) I'm so guilty of having lots of 6x6 pads ... looking forward to seeing your organization method!

  11. I'm Excited For Your Video! That Envelope Idea Sounds Interesting :) Dang, They Do LookCold! We Do The Polar Bear Plunge Here Too, But The Ice HaS Never Been Like That!!!

  12. NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!! Not to mention that I feel sorry for you having snow and that the lake has 2 FEET of ice on it still!!

  13. ooo.. you have a lot of pretty papers. I hope your place warms up soon. It looks cold with all the snow hehe..

  14. Great tip to store your paper scraps in an envelope in the back. Definitely gonna try that one! Thanks! Loved your video.


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