Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Smashing Good Time

Today I have been working on my Smash Book.
I have dedicated this book to our family trips we take.
Last layout was from Feb 2012. So a bit behind, teehee.
Today I wanted to catch up...well I haven't exactly caught up, but I am happy with the 4 pages I have done ;)

If you remember from my post "Failing at Smashing" I don't like a few of the pages.
Well I took care of him ;)

I really like the colour of these pages and I like the words on this one page.
So I wanted to utilize them :)
I made this pocket out of pattern paper, and put in our card key (I save these everytime we stay in a hotel ;) I also put in a Cabela's card I scooped up at the store. 
I also decorated it up with some washi tape and also added some washi on the price tag from my daughter's favourite store.
Here is the page with the scary guy on it ;)
I covered him up with the same pattern paper I used for the pocket on the opposite page.
More washi tape and some small journal tags.
I printed my photos with a border and the 2up setting, which is 3"x4" size.

Onto My Day:
Do you enjoy the game of Frisbee?
Well my girls and I played a game of stale pitas, lol.
I hate to waste food, so when I noticed our pitas were past their best before date, I decided to feed them to the birds and chipmunks. So the girls and I went outside and threw some pita Frisbees over the fence, teehee. It was fun :)

I am thinking of either making or buying another Smash book, to use as an "about me" type of journal. I keep meaning to do a scrapbook about me, and never do it. This may be a better and easier way to do something like this.
I had seen where this one lady used a composition note book and decorated the pages with washi tape. I want to try that as well.
So many ideas :)

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. So sad that I forgot my Smash book at home when we went on our trip. :0(
    How fun to toss the pits to the animals!

  2. Thats a good idea the smash book it is coming along just great. Love the Frisbee game sounds like fun :)

  3. Love it and the ideas to have an all about me journal. Scrapbooking you have been busy :-) Have a great Sunday.

  4. Great job on the Smashbook...I must get at mine!!!!!!

  5. Love the Smash pages and LOL'ing at your pita frisbee throwing adventure! I bet the birds and critters loved that!

  6. this is so super cute, tracey!!! love that you have a smashbook dedicated to family trips!

  7. I've always loved that you've documented your travels with your family :) Glad you're working on catching up. For some reason I see you doing more of the composition notebook thing rather than buying another smash book. Only because you're creative that way and could make the notebook the way you want it, instead of already pre-decorated.

  8. I love this! That is so great that you document all of your family trips. The way you covered up the scary man is great - you'd never know he was there, giving a creepy thumbs up!

    That is funny about the pita frisbee. I'm sure the animals and birds were very appreciative!


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