Sunday, April 7, 2013

Defunkifying my Life mission 14...6x6 paper packs

Remember the trouble I was having picking out paper yesterday for my card?
Then I came up with the idea that I should re-organize my 6x6 and 8x8 paper packs.
Well, I have completely finished them :)
Here they are, all pretty in their new homes :)
Doesn't this just make you smile.....well it makes me smile.
I love to organize...yes, its an illness I think.

Here they are all in the storage unit.
This sits in my laundry room, as I kind of ran out of room in my scrap/craft room.
The door on the right takes you into my scrap room.
Don't pay attention to the wall was a bad choice, lol.
The last 2 shelves hold my girl stamps.

Okay so lets get down to business now shall we.
First thing we have to do is gather up all our paper packs.
Yes, all of them.....
See how I kept them before, no real theme and all the containers were different.

Now seperate them in themes...if that is how you like to organize.
Here is how I am keeping mine :
Pastels - light coloured papers
Seasonal - Christmas and Halloween
Vintage - Browns, blacks, deep colours
Whimsical - Fun, bright colours

Purge...nope, never, lol.
Yes I have 3 of the same paper packs, lol. I know I bought one for me, one for a gift for a friend, and the other....ummmm, I guess I really liked it, teehee.
Actually I think I had 7 or 8 doubles of paper packs.

I like to keep my scraps together with the paper packs.
Because I use this paper for mostly cards, I like to keep all the little pieces.
The tiny pieces work great for paper piecing the "Cute Girl Stamps" dresses and such.
So what I do is use leftover envelopes and attach them to the inside of the back cover to store all those tiny pieces.
I have even used envelopes that your bills come in, I just cut them down to size.
When a paper pack is totally done, but I have a few tiny pieces left, I will recycle them.

The last thing is to put them all into their happy new homes and enjoy the prettiness.
Does it sound like I got to attached to this process, lol.

And if this wasn't enough for you....I made a video :)
I know many don't like to, or have the time to watch a video, but I know so many of you request here it is :)

I hope you all have had a very creative Sunday :)

Holy crapola, I just when to check my post and on the bottom of my video, I noticed it said it is my 200th video, wow.

Tracy :)


  1. Good job on your reorganizing! Looks great. We are getting the snow tonight and are in a spring storm watch.

  2. They look great! I wondered what you were going to use for baskets...these are the same ones I use all about my room...I have all the sizes...I am just mitchy matchy that way!!! My girls tease me!

  3. I need to do this too. I am so tired of flipping through dozens of pads trying to find that perfect color. I'll probably separate mine by color.

  4. I LOVE the envelope idea!! I always keep my scraps with the packs too, and they fall out sometimes when I pull out the pad. GREAT idea!

  5. love your organization of the paper pads and i totally love the envelope idea for the scraps- i save all my little scraps!!

  6. Tracy, That Looks Awesome! I Love How It Turned Out And That Envelope Idea Is So Smart! I Too Keep My Scraps With The Paper Pad And Every Time I Pick One Up, They Fall Out! DefinitelySnagging This Idea!!

  7. Looks fabulous!
    I am forever organizing my scrap stuff and just haven't come up with a solution I am 100% happy with.

  8. I'm always organizing too! Love how you organized your paper pads. Looks great!

  9. Lovely storage idea. I need to do this with my 6x6 paper pads.

  10. Happy 200th video! I keep my 6x6's in a little basket too and love how it looks lined up. You have a great system! :)

  11. Watched your video and came here to comment. Happy 200th video. I love, love your idea of the little pocket in the back of the paper pad pack to keep the scraps. Oh, by the way, so what size is that basket? a 9x9? or what? so, where did you find them? Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day.

  12. Your mini paper pack organization looks very nice! (luv Authentique paper!)

    Luckily, THOSE are the one scrapping thing that I never went toooo crazy on. I have several, but all mine could fit into one smaller container....which I should do.

  13. I love all of your de-funkifyng posts. Thank you!

  14. Nice job Tracy!.Thanks for the great tip for the scrap paper.I'll have to try that.TFS :)

  15. Yay! I loved watching your video :)

    I really like how you organized everything. It is so neat and pretty!

  16. Such a great video and fabulous organisation. LOL love the duplicates:-) Great idea for the scraps!! Congrats on 200 videos wow!

  17. Happy 200! Great system! I still have to take a couple of pics of my l'il space to share with you. :0)

  18. Tracy, thanks for the info on the size of basket and where you purchased them. I will have to look around because we don't have a Dollarama here in MO. OH, guess what, I got my paper pads all with a pocket now. Thanks for the great tip. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Have a wonderful day.

  19. I love the idea of putting the pocket on the back of each paper packs. Your papers look so much more organize. Awesome job!

  20. Good job! You certainly know the techniques of organizing. That shelf is definitely a space-saver. It's smart to do sorting things yourself because you own them in the first place. You are the one who will use them, and at the end of the day, it will be for your convenience. You just need to pull them out once needed because you know exactly where to get them. One more thing, I like that the storage units are labeled; it will come handy once you work with a company.

    Ruby Badcoe @Williams Data Management

  21. Love the idea for keeping the bits in the pad with a used envy. I am going to steal that idea. I always just tuck in the bigger ones and hope for the best which never works very well! LOL


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