Monday, April 22, 2013

Smoothie and some smash questions

Kristy has been really into making smoothie's.
Actually she has loved making them for years.
But lately she has been a bit more creative with them.
Like tonight, she made a two toned smoothie.
Pretty isn't it :) 

I really didn't get much accomplished today. Actually I spent most of the day on the phone.
I was pretty popular today, lol.
So I thought I would do a survey I had seen it on a smash book called:
Listening: I am listening to the tv show "24". Wayne and I have been watching it on Netflix for the last couple of weeks....we are always late on tv shows...except for the Walking Dead ;)

Eating: Right now I'm not eating anything. But today I had a waffle, piece of toast with honey, some popcorn twists and a Areo chocolate bar..oh ya and 2 bites of a hamburger. I know not the healthiest.

Drinking: Again I'm not drinking anything at the moment, but I did drink a can of Coca- cola and a glass of milk to eat with my girl guide cookie...oops forgot to write that one down, teehee.

Wearing: A purple sweat shirt and matching lounge pants (pj pants). Just because I am dressed like a slob, doesn't mean I can't be colour coordinated, teehe.

Feeling: I am feeling pretty relaxed. But I want to do so much and don't have the umph..maybe I'm too relaxed ;)

Weather: Lets not go there, ok.

Wanting: To have more umph

Needing: To get back into my routines and start my walking again.

Thinking: Of starting up another YouTube channel for all my Defunkifying Missions...what do you all think? I'm thinking they should be separate then my crafting channel...opinions please :)

Enjoying: I am actually enjoying sitting on my arse and surfing the web ;)

So how would you answer these questions.
I love that these same questions could be answered differently every day :)

I hope you have all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)



  1. Glad to hear you had a relaxing day- not so much here! I get about the weather. I started walking, but the last week has been too cold. Warmer weather on the way!

  2. Oo.. your smoothie looks good. Sweat + pj pants is comfy hehe... it's good that you match. Most of the time I don't match >.< A second channel sounds awesome! I'll be one of the first to subscribe ;-)

  3. Smoothies have been big for me for the past 4 months- especially with avocado for a lovely smooth texture! And coconut oil for health and a hint of flavor!
    Yum! What flavors did she layer?

  4. smoothies looks yummy, good answers on the questions, I think you should just have the 1 utube channel, glad you enjoyed your relaxed day :)

  5. oh my hubby would love that smoothie! looks awesome!!
    hope you have a great day

  6. The smoothie looks so pretty and tasty, too. I would probably separate the videos into two channels. You will pick up an entirely new group of subscribers for organizing your home.

  7. Kristy's smoothie looks delicious! I just hate lugging out the blender to make them :( Love your fun little survey, the answer to the weather question made me laugh :)

  8. We love smoothies here, but we've never made two-toned. Thanks for the yummy idea!

  9. Love the look of the smoothie and love the glass!! It's always good to have a chilling day.

  10. I dont know about a second chanel for your defunking.It is a part of your crafting right?.I mean your defunking your CRAFT stuff.It's good to have a variety of videos.Anyway, thats what I think.Thats strange....I sat on my arse most of the day also.LOL

  11. hey good morning thank for stopping by.. i'm thinking about going your currenlty on my blog will post later today .. but 24 OMG.. i loved it .... it was awesome... now i just finished watching dallas and i'm so in love with SUV... thanks again for stopping by... have an awesome day ...

  12. I love smoothies and make them most days with my nutribullet, super easy and very healthy. I enjoy all the organizing of your craft and home on the same channel. However if you chose to make another channel for it I will be there faithfully watching! :)

  13. Ah, that sounds like a great day. I love talking on the phone!

    That smoothie looks delicious. I love the two tone-ness of it! It looks like a super fancy drink you'd get at a spa juice bar :)


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