Saturday, April 13, 2013

iPhone pics

I thought today I would share with you some of my iPhone/Instagram photos.
I am still trying to grasp the whole Instagram concept...bear with me, I'm a slow learner ;)

I have gone way over my quota on Coca-Cola this weekend, and I enjoy ice with my pop.
Only to find 2 out of our 3 ice-cube trays were empty....I didn't realize it was such a hard job to refill them ;)
I think my daughters forgot the recipe on how to make ice-cubes.

This was my windshield yesterday.
Yup more snow....don't you just love it...NOT.
But at least the ground looked clean for a bit;)

I don't know why we complain about the weather, its the same every year.
We have been know to get snow storms at the end of April even. And every year we act like its new to us, lol.
I just think we are all tired of seeing this....we need to see some sun, some bright skys....and maybe some grass....even if it is brown, lol.

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. oh i hate to hear you are still getting snow!!! it was chilly here today but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 72 degrees. so excited!

  2. We had snow on the ground yesterday am, but it disappeared quickly. In a winter storm watch for later tonight until Mon. am. And H is supposed to play soccer tomorrow. Should be interesting!!!

  3. Yes, it is a hard job to refill the ice trays. It is also nearly impossible to replace the toilet tissue. It is a good thing there are super heroes around to take care of these tasks :-) Sorry you are still having snow. You must be more than ready for spring.

  4. I hope it gets sunny soon where you live. If I could I would share Arizona weather with you. Today was pretty warm, we're around 90ish degrees :-/

  5. I am glad of our ice maker, as I KNOW we would never have ice either. :0/
    We got 14" of snow overnight we needed it. :0(

  6. Love your Instagram pics and so glad we "found" each other on there ;)

  7. I think that cumbersome ice cube recipe must be the hardest one around to make! I'm glad we have an automatic one in the freezer or else I'd be the one making them & I don't even use them. It's kind of like taking all the empty soda cans out to the recycle bins, somehow it's MY job, yet I don't drink any... :( Oh, and that snow thing is still for the birds! It snowed here on Sat. but not enough to stick.

  8. I usually forget the recipe for ice too ;) I'm glad our new apartment has an ice maker or we'd be enjoying our soda warm!

    I'm sorry about the snow. It looks really pretty though! Let's make a deal - I'll send you some of our extra heat and you send some of the extra cold and then we can both have nice spring-y weather!


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