Monday, April 8, 2013

It was a TAZ kind of day ;)

You guessed it, Kristy made and decorated another cake :)
It was her boyfriend Blakes 18th birthday today so she made him a cake.
I told you she loved making these ;)
Isn't TAZ adorable.

Kristy was invited to dinner with Blake and his family.
We just happen to be on that side of town, so we picked her up when they were done.
In the parking lot we saw this.
It kind of looks like a Transformer doesn't it?
I thought it was pretty cool, so did a lot of others as people were all over it.

Then we went to pick up some groceries.
I think they have a few leaks in the ceiling, lol.
I just thought this was amusing. Not only did they have this tarp all rigged up, but they had a tiny wire directing the water droplets into the plastic bin.
It was like a science experiment, lol.

Just thought I would share a bit of my day with you today :)

Something seemed to be off yesterday....missing.
Then I realized what it was that I was missing....the Walking Dead.
I have to wait until October until the new season :(

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good Monday evening! Cute cake for Kristy's boyfriend. She is so talented. I was at the grocery store, too,but I didn't have one of those science experiments at my store! Hope you survive until Oct.

  2. Her best cake so far but then we all love Taz, the car is cool dont think I would like to drive it, have fun :)

  3. that cake is totally awesome!! that is talent to make a cake like that! amazing- I can't even frost cupcakes- LOL!!!!

    my husband loves the walking dead as well.

  4. The cake turned out fabulous! She does such an awesome job! At first when I saw that car picture, I thought it was wrecked. Lol! That's crazy about the grocery store ceiling, funny how places rig things up like that.

  5. Cute cake. That is a very clever way to deal with a leak and keep all the merchandise dry.

  6. Your daughter has great decorating skills!

  7. Another cute adorable cake she made! : ) Now I need to post my cakes I made for my kids birthday.... I have lots and never got around to it... lol She just motivated me!!! lol

  8. Another fabulous cake by Kristy - wow! Hope your week is going good so far with the snow. We are supposed to get more at the end of the week Nooooo!

  9. Kristy so talented and creative. That's a really cool cake. I took Wilton cake decorating class a few years ago, I still can't decorate that good.

  10. That cake is beautiful! Kristy makes such gorgeous cakes!

    What is that transformer thing? It looks really cool!

    And I'm loving the science experiment in the grocery store :)

  11. It sure looks like you had quite an interesting day! The cake looks awesome & I can still appreciate all the effort that went into decorating that sucker!


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