Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Its the little things that make me smile.

A photographer I am not, but I wanted to share with you a little thing that makes me happy.
You may think....doing dishes makes you happy?
My answer to that would be...no, not really.
But what does put a smile on my face is everytime I wash the dishes I give the dish soap bottle a little squeeze first and bubbles come bursting out of the top.
Now that makes me happy :)

Yes it really is the little things in life that I get pleasure in.
Its my hubby and daughter coming home for lunch.
Its when I say something and one (or all) of my girls laugh (even if I didn't mean it to be funny) ;)
Its a heartfelt comment I get from a friend.
Its just sitting watching a movie with my husband.

I was planning on making an album on the little things that make me smile.
Lets see how long it takes me to start this project, teehee.

What is something in your everyday life that makes you smile?

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
Oh ya, it took me over 10 tries to get that photo with the bubbles, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. That's great that you can turn doing dishes into a fun moment. What makes me smile? It is usually something funny my husband does or says. It is so great to have him home after all those years he spent working on the road.

  2. Oh Tracy, I love this post! The little things really are what make me smile too...and I loved seeing the bubbles, they made me smile just now!

    Some things that make me smile...
    When AJ makes me tea in morning
    Leaving my windows open and hearing quiet
    Our new kitchen - it has a big cut out so I can still talk to the people in the living room or watch tv while I cook!

    Yay! That was fun to think about those little things that make me happy :)

  3. Can't wait to see your new project. I remember using that soap to blow bubbles instead of buying those bubble bottle stuff at the store. hehe... that makes me happy too.

  4. It definitely is the little things in life!! :) Maybe you could start your project and leave it as an on-going work of art, adding things over the years as they come up ... thinking that could be a wonderful thing! :)

  5. Lovely post. The shimmering colours reflected on the wall from a stain glass window when the Sun shines through it. I love the bubbles too :)
    With love

  6. I love when I look at my husband and he is already looking at me.

  7. a smile from my boys when I pick them up at school each day. it is the first time i have seen them that day and when the school door opens and jack runs to me-- that is the happiest moment in my day!!!

  8. A hug from my daughter makes me smile, more so because I can't believe how big she's getting. :)

  9. Taking a photo like that is when you need three hands LOL!. Coming to your blog each day, is one of the little things that makes me smile:-) Thank you.

  10. My whole life is just little things lol. Great post

  11. You have made me smile today,just reading your post has put a smile on my face, the thought of you squeezing that bottle to get a picture of the bubbles priceless lol :)

  12. Texting with this wonderful friend of mine who lives up yonder, yep that makes me happy!

  13. You are so darn sweet and you make me smie. What a great thing to work all day and come home and read your post. ;). We all forget about those little things in life sometimes. Hugs!

  14. Good for you. I think we should all stop and appreciate the little things. I used to love to use bubbles when I taught Kindergarten. (being the teacher gave me an excuse to play with them...LOL)

  15. Such a cute post! Love those little bubbles too. Can't wait to see this project :)

  16. How did I miss this post? I love it! It's such a fun post :) There are so many things a day that make me smile and laugh, it doesn't take much! Lol! A mini book like this would be awesome!

  17. Um this friend I have that has the best laugh ever! It is loud and sincere. It makes me laugh just to hear it. Full of spirit this laugh. You can hear the giggle in her voice and the song in her soul. It is the little thing on Monday I look forward to. The only way to make a monday worth starting or getting out of bed early for;)


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