Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nail Care...I need it.

I thought it was time to take of care of my nails.
If you watch my YouTube channel, then you know I like to wear nail polish.
But as the polish chips, it looks like crap...admit it when you see chipped polish it just looks grungy, and not the shabby grunge either.
So I will take my polish off and let my nails breath for a few day...weeks...months...or until my next video ;)

But one thing I don't like from wearing nail polish is that my nail tips are peeling and turning a yellowish colour.
Hate that.
As much fun as it is to peel the layers of my nails off, I want them to be healthy

So its time to give them a good taken care of.
Looking at this photo of my hand...I have my moms hands.
So the first thing I did was put on some cuticle oil. I have monster hang nails. So thick that I need a hacksaw to remove them.
Then I put on the nail repair.
I haven't used either of these products before, so I can't recommend them to you.
But I will share a photo in a month or so to see if it has helped.

After I let the repair stuff dry thoroughly, then I added my new nail polish :)
I know it looks like every other nail colour I own, but this one is so cool. Plus it was 50% off ;)  It has a gold shimmer under tones to it.
Now these aren't my mom's hands ;)

Then I remembered all those pinterest photos of the nail gurus showing off their perfectly manicured nails with the matching polish bottle.
I see I have another Pinterest Fail,
As I forgot to clean the polish off of the edges of my fingers, lol.


Now don't think of my nasty yellow nails, get them out of your mind.
Pretend I didn't even show you them.
When you close you eyes at night, don't think of them....seriously it could give you nightmares ;)

But what you would rather think of is this yummy cheese cake that Kristy made in her college class.
I love this class she is taking because we get to enjoy her talents :)
Take my word for it, this was delicious.
Kristy is making us all eat healthier, she has been trying to for the last year.
Poor girl, its an uphill battle for her.
She only let us try a tiny piece.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)
Tomorrow I have a new card to share with you, as it is my DT Little Blue Button Stamps blog hop :)
See you then :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful Nails- all polished up now. And a yummy looking cheesecake. Eagerly awaiting seeing your next card,

  2. Loving the new nail polish! The gold under tones are awesome! I struggled with my nails getting thin and peeling, and I used nailtiques and it worked. Although now I have acrylic nails...

    That cheesecake looks amazing!

  3. Your nails always look so fab! I tend not to wear for the the reasons you cited- when chippy, etc. it looks so bad and I have found from the past that it wears off or chips right away. :0(
    I DO like to have my toes done though!

  4. Cool nail polish. Kristy is so awesome at making cakes. It looks yummy!

  5. Your nails look great. (I sooo need to spend some time on mine.) The cheesecake looks fabulous! (I think I really need some of that too... LOL)

  6. You have a lovely shape to your nails. Pretty color, I like the shimmery aspect. Looks like a yummy dessert!

  7. Your nails look pretty :) mine need a good manicure too, they've been neglected through the winter. What a yummy cheesecake! I know I always sway this, but your girls are so talented :)

  8. You're braver than me showing your hands! At least your fingers have some are little stuffed sausages.
    And that cheesecake looks delicious!


  9. At least your hands look nice! Mine look like they belong on someone 20 years older than I actually am. Ain't no nail polish gonna help that. LOL! My nails are usually painted, but it's multi-colored with over spray from spray paint. ;)


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