Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Butterflies and my Brother

On my new path to make more simple cards....I think this is as simple as I can get.
I just used pattern paper, stamps and some black ink.
I inked the stamps on pattern paper.
Matted it on two different pattern papers and lastly popped it up with some dimensionals.

I didn't want to use the sentiment so I just didn't put ink on that part of the stamp. But I did want a different sentiment on this card, so I just used a different one.
Here is the stamp I used...I am pretty sure it is one of those $1.50 stamps from Michaels, from years ago.

Here is the inside of my card :)
Again simple.
Not sure how long I can go with simple cards, but it is fun...and fast ;)

Onto My Day:
I had to pick up our will's from our lawyer...can you believe it took almost 6 months for him to do them....never going to him again. And this is only the draft. He received a few words from me.
But before I went there, I dropped by my brother's work to say "Hi" and we ended up going for lunch together :)
Here is my oldest brother Darrell enjoying his burger.

I like this photo better :)

After lunch, I picked Kristy up from school, then went to find me the perfect day planner.
It had to be a binder type of book, so I can add pages or pouches.
I wanted a full blocked calendar for each month.
And after each month blocked calender, I wanted a weekly calender to write daily notes in.
I didn't think I was asking much...but apparently I was, as I couldn't find one :(

Came home and thought it would be a great idea to organize my journal blocks....I am making a big mess, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Pretty card. I like the brownish flower background and the butterfly next to the new sentiment. You and your brother look great in the picture. I hope you find a planner soon =)

  2. I really like your card and how you used your own sentiment!

    How fun to have lunch with your brother!

    I hope you can find a planner. I am very particular with my planners, and when my favorite one was discontinued this year, I freaked out!

  3. love your card- that stamp is so pretty!! how fun to have lunch with your brother!!

  4. Stunning Tracy a gorgeous design and beautiful colours, I am sure with your talent you could do your own journal.
    Chris x

  5. Love this very "simple" card! Great colours Tracy and a butterfly. My post today was butterflies too:-) Have a great day.

  6. Hi Tracy, Have you tried... FreePrintable.net or http://blankcalendar.org/ to print your own calendars/planners?

  7. Hiya, Love the card and I recognise those Costco papers - gorgeous :) Looks like a good family day, though not so good on the shopping front!

  8. Very nice card!
    Like how you made the stamp work for you!
    And great photo of the two of you.
    Miss my brother who lives out of town.

  9. I think your card a very nice.I like to make simple cards also.By the way....your brother is not bad looking! lol.:)

  10. Beautiful card! I wish my sisters lived close enough to pop in during lunch. :)

  11. Great card! Sometimes simple is the way to go! Looks like a good lunch with your brother! :) Hope the organizing is going well!

  12. Sometimes simple is a nice change!

  13. Simple card but stunning, lunch looks yummy enjoy:)

  14. Your card looks very classy and elegant. x

  15. Great simple but besutiful cards :)

  16. Love all of your cards - simple or not. That is a great tip to not use the included sentiment if you feel something else works better. :)

  17. Tracy, Not sure if Canada has a Staples but if they don't when ou come to the states again, look one up, they are everywhere... I just bought a Martha Stewart planner and I love it.. Check out her website and you can see it. There are several accessories that you can buy separately. It's a lot cheaper than a filofax! They can be as much as 450.00!!

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  19. I love stamping on patterned paper, this looks awesome! Loving your simple cards, for a nice change :) That picture of you and your brother is wonderful :) I have searched for the perfect planner for years. It does not exist. Lol!

  20. That sounds like a perfect planner! Too bad you couldn't find one! Love your simple cards, sometimes that is fun!

  21. What a great looking neutral styled card! And how nice that you could have a lunch date with your brother.

  22. Looking forward to see what you do with the planner binder! That butterfly is sucha. Nice image!


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