Monday, April 1, 2013

What can we make from the $1.50 bin?

Do you purchase items from the $1.50 section from Michaels and never use them...or don't know what to do with them?
Well for these cards I have used some stamps and papers that I had picked up from those sections.
I get a lot of emails from crafters who tell me they can't create because they don't have the funds to buy the latest and greatest products.
This upsets me, as I think everyone can create not matter what your budget. I also believe that the less we have the more creative we are. It gets us thinking outside the box on how to use everyday items in our creations.
But I am still not going to part with my supplies ;)

I have been really enjoying working with sketches lately.
They don't always turn out like the original sketch, but it is still inspiration
These two cards didn't come from a sketch though, but from Amy of Prairie Paper & Ink.
I had some of these $1.50 stamps from Michael's and wanted to use them.
Isn't this little girl silhouette with the basket so sweet.

Here is the inside of the card.
I used this journal spot that Becky had gifted me :)

The papers I used were also from the $1.50 section at Michaels. It was the Paula Dean paper collection.
See you don't need the latest and greatest products to make a few nice cards :)

Another one of Becky's journal spots. I was happily surprised how well they went with these papers.

Onto My Day:
Today was a day off for Kristy again. So I took her out for lunch, then we went shopping for a bit...didn't buy anything...except a couple of chocolate eggs ;)
Then picked up some groceries.
I told Kristy we could do whatever she wanted to do.
So we watched Step Up together..nothing like some eye candy for her day off ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I buy stuff at the Michaels $1.50 bins fact I have some of those same Paula Dean papers!

    I never saw the little girl with the basket...she is so vintage looking and so pretty! I hope we get across to Americas so I can check out what they have them on clearance for!teehee

  2. I think that stamp of the little girl is adorable! You made an awesome card.

  3. I have not seen those cutey stamps in the bin- but then I get there maybe once a month at the most....those are sweet! And there are often some very cute/ nice items in those bins! I loved using them for party goody bags or little stocking stuffers. Laundry, laundry, laundry today! 9 loads and 4 more to go!

  4. I buy things in the dollar bins too! Its my favorite place to look.

    You are totally right about not needing all of the newest most expensive things to be creative. But I wouldn't give up my supplies either :)

  5. PS. Totally love your cards! I always lose my train of thought when I try to blog so late!!

  6. Great ideas! I LOVE the Dollar Spot (ours is still $1 here in OKC) at Mike's!! :)

  7. I love these cardand the dollar bins at Michaels

  8. i happen to agree with you on having sometimes less inspires your creativity. I know I have a lot of supplies but for me i really down sized about 2 years ago and this really helped my creativity. i know what i like and i don't buy like crazy anymore. i love "shopping" in my own stash!

    your cards area beautiful!!

  9. I am pretty good at resisting most of the $1.50 items because I just don't have room for odds and ends, but I love these cards. I agree that you can create no matter what your budget is! You just have to be a little bit more resourceful! :)

  10. Having less definitely inspires me. I love how your cards turned out!

  11. that nice.. yes in the scrapbooking would 1.50 can go a long way .. i no i'm a coupon clipping barging hunting creative ladybug... very nice thanks for sharing...

  12. Great post Tracy and more inspiration for me - I have a few packs of these papers, guess I'll have to dig them out:-) Have a great week.

  13. I used to buy items in the dollar been, but wasn't using the stuff. Your post has inspired me to give it a try! Great cards!

  14. Its a lovely card just goes to show you don't need expensive stuff to make a beautiful card :)

  15. Look at you finding a new use for those journaling cards! Love that!! I do love that silhouette stamp. Sounds like you and Kristy had a great day :)

  16. You did a great job to showcase the budget stamps front and centre of those cards. I just picked up a few stamps from those bins too, but I usually stick to the sentiment ones. Now I might see them differently!

  17. I agree with you. You can create with anything, no need for fancy stuff. I buy things from those bins at Michaels too.


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