Monday, July 29, 2013

Working on a Tracy's Tag and email confussion

I have been working on a project today, between getting my new laptop up and running.
For the record I am still using my Sony laptop, not my MacBook Pro...more about that in a bit.

Onto the project I am working on.
I am making one of my Tracy's Tags (as one of my YouTube subscribers named it ;) ).
I wanted to use one of my new Prima Doll stamps.

These stamps are pretty big. This one is about 7 3/4" high.
I won this stamp on a YouTube channel and want to show my appreciation by making her a little something. 

Not much colouring on this one.
I coloured her skin, hair, crown and bow. the rest of the image I have paper pieced.
I did add shading to her dress with my copics though.
Hopefully I will be completed the tag to share with you tomorrow :)

Now onto why I haven't used my new laptop yet.
For one thing I couldn't remember my password for my e-mail.
So I couldn't get my messages on my new laptop.
I phoned my internet provider to get a new password. He walked me through changing it and all went well.

Then I asked him about my e-mail. I wanted to know if there was a way that when I replied to an email and then deleted it, say on my iPhone, if it can somehow automatically be deleted from my iPad and iMac.
He had told me no. I would have to delete them all manually from each device.
Oh okay, a pain, but whatever.
As soon as I got off the phone with him I deleted all my emails from my phone. I think I had over 300 of them.
Then thought I will reply on my iPad. I checked my iPad.....and yup all my emails were gone.
I guess he was wrong eh?

I am happy that they are all tied together now, if I reply and delete a comment on my phone at camp, I won't be wondering if I have replied when I go on my iPad or laptop as it won't be there :)
So I spent the rest of the day and evening checking, replying and deleting my email on my Sony laptop. All 300+ of them.
When I get a message for my blog, I like to check out that persons blog, and comment. If they don't have a new post up, then I like reply to their comment.
When I get a message for my YouTube channel, I reply to each message and check out if they have a new video and watch it.
So let me tell you, it has taken me a bit of time today to do that, lol.

I hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Talk about a "classy" paper doll! Love her!

  2. That is a time consuming process! Cute little girl.. Guess she isn't so little though!

  3. GORGEOUS!! I just bought one of the prima doll stamps they're so cute!

  4. Awesome stamp! Love that it's big enough that you can cut out pattern paper to use for the dress and can still see the pattern. :)

  5. My local store carries these and she can't keep them in stock. The girls love them. They are the cutest things. I know one mom makes different paper dolls for her daughter using scrapbook paper. She has an entire wardobe!

  6. this paper doll is soooo pretty- i have never seen them before! awesome

  7. Your Prima doll is looking beautiful!!!!! Email...we can't live with it....can't love without it....grrrr!

  8. Fabulous stamp and love the paper piecing and how you add shading to the dress with your Copics. Hope you get to grips with your new computer soon :-)

  9. That stamp is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to see the finished tag!! I am anti-apple Lol! You are a better woman than I am for going through all of this nonsense. Lol!

  10. I have been drooling over that stamp since they released it - your colouring is so amazing - you should try your hand at book illustration (do you do that already?) I always think that I am going to go apple when its time for me to buy a new computer equipment - but then I consider the learning curve to switch from pc to apple and I iCave!

  11. The stamp looks beautiful!

    That stinks that the guy told you the wrong information! But it is really good that you have it all tied together that way now. I really like your delete system. I sometimes can't remember what I replied to and what I didn't. I read all my emails as they come into my phone, but I can't always respond (especially if I'm grocery shopping or at work!) But I love the read the comments right away because they always make me happy! But then I forget, did I read and respond? Or just read and think of a response?


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