Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas cards and all day of Walking Dead

It is now December, so I can share some Christmasy things with you now ;)
34 Christmas cards complete :)
Every year I make all my Christmas cards.

I make two batches.
Trash cards:
Those are the cards made with my scrap papers and are for the people, I know, will trash the cards at the end of the season.
Fancy cards:
Those are the cards that take a long time to create. Usually I colour the images with my Copic markers and use my prettiest of papers.

But this year I had seen this card on Pinterest (you know I always give credit to the original creator…if I can). I followed the link to Tamara's blog
Of course I didn't have the same stamp that she used, but had this one in my stash.
The blobs you see on the trees is wet stickles.
And yes that is my thumb in the photo, lol.

Since I took step by step photos, I might as well share them with you on how I mass produced these cards.
First off I did 3 cards and then figured…yup, these are going to be my cards for this year, so then  decided to assembly line these puppies.
I also did them in groups of 10 as I was still playing with the idea of doing a different type of card for the card keepers in my life ;)

Okay, so the first thing I did was cut my card stock up to make my card bases.
I always use 110 lb card stock from Staples. I purchase it in packages of 250.

Next step is to stamp all of my images.
This stamp is a wooden stamp from Inkadinkado, but doesn't have a name on it.
The reason they are stamped on the paper like this, is because when I make my 5.5" x 5.5" cards I am always left with a strip like this…so this was a perfect way to use them up :)

Next step…cut coloured card stock and mount the images on them.

Now to cut the flags.
I knew I had a lot to cut out, so I made this template to make things move along more quickly and easily :)

Like the original card, I liked that the stripes were on a diagonal.
I didn't have any paper like that (actually I didn't look to hard, teehee) so I cut this pattern paper on an angle to get the same or similar look.

I put the first flag on just perfectly, then I used that one as a template placement for the rest.
I put the flag onto the flag of the template.

I added some adhesive (my tape gun) to the back of the image piece and then placed it on top of the template image.
Because the adhesive is on the image piece it will pick up that flag perfectly straight :)

We are getting there people ;)

I then adhered the images onto the card bases…Lookin' good ;)

Second to last step…stamp on the sentiment.
I didn't have a dark enough blue ink for this, so I coloured on the sentiment with my Stampin' Up maker.
This sentiment came with the snowman blueprint stamp from Tim Holtz.

Here I used a sentiment stamp from the $1.50 bins at Michaels.
Last step is to add stickles to the ground and trees.
I don't think the original card had sparkle to it.

I love a stack of homemade cards, don't you?

I am following 2 photo challenges this month.
The first one is from my favourite creative magazine Canadian Scrapbookers.
I shared that on my post yesterday.
The prompt is: Warmth.
I chose my snuggle blankets.
I keep these two in my living room and you can find me under them every day or night,
I love my blankies ;)

The other photo a day challenge is with Hiedi Swapp
I am suppose to have a album made and share my pages daily.
Because I just found out about it today, I will make my album or journal tomorrow and share the page tomorrow.
The prompt for this challenge is "So it Begins".
"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
This is a photo of Kristy and I putting up our outside Christmas decor.
This is the earliest I have ever put them up.
I usually am climbing up piles of snow to do this. And freezing my fingers off.
It was -4C not to bad :)

We had a Walking Dead marathon and pig out day all day today.
Just finished watching the mid season finale of tonights episode and Oh My Goodness!!!
I won't spoil it, but intense!
I think I will be watching it again tonight.

Hope you all had a very creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice looking cards. I am really feeling the crunch after being gone.

  2. These are lovely! I will copy your idea of how to ensure that the flag goes on straight...why did I never think of are brilliant!
    Your colours are pretty and the stickles just finishes it off with that little touch of sparkel!

  3. Gorgeous christmas cards,lovely colours too and I love the image:D:D

    Wish you a lovely week:D


  4. Well done ! Good idea to think about the "trash" cards...

  5. Super job on the cards, I haven't done my friends cards as I just finished all my swap cards.......well today the sentiments on the inside. I so wish I would do the inside when I make the cards. My son watched the mid-season thing for the Walking Dead too. We went to see the Holiday Train.

  6. Beautiful cards, love the cool color of them! Looking forward to watching WD today, am expecting a lot of tense moments!

  7. I love the cards! I think it's a great idea to mass produce these!! Love the sparkle too! I'm always under a blanket too :) this photo a day/journal/album sounds like fun! Can't wait to follow along with you!

  8. Really beautiful cards, Tracy! They look like they were fun to make! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pages for your album! :o)

  9. love lvoe love those colors for your card! simply beutiful!!!

  10. Your cards are so,pretty. The colours are a perfect choice! I have 0 cards done...and 0 started. Guess I had better get going.

  11. Beautiful cards, I will have to check out those photos challenges :)

  12. I love your cards - they are so soothing and calm.

  13. Beautiful cards, I often wonder if I should mass produce instead of doing individuals but I love making cards so end up just doing each one different. Maybe one year I will just make a mass set..certainly frees up more time.

  14. Fabulous cards Tracy and thank you for showing the breakdown. I too have to get some made and think I will be reverting to stamping this year so this gives me some great ideas! TFS

  15. Love your cards Tracy. That woodsy image is so peaceful. I really need to get myself in gear and start on my Xmas cards. Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Stunning cards! I am sure they will be very appreciated.

  17. Oh My! I love your Christmas cards! Your image reminds me of a cold Colorado day. Too cold for snow to fall but cold enough the moisture in the air freezes diamond like glitter on the trees. AWESOME!

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  18. The cards are gorgeous! I love the image you used!

    Don't tell...but I buy my cards!

    Love how the garland looks outside! I put up my lights too - in a tank top and was sweating because it was so hot! I am so jealous of your snow!

  19. They turned out so pretty I love sparkle!

  20. I just love blue & white Christmas cards! And the Stickles are always the perfect touch!!

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