Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 2 &3 of my December Daily

I created some more pages in my December Daily :)
I am way more ahead of schedule than last year.
If you remember I didn't even start them until January…and yes I said them.
I made one for each of my daughters…you can watch the video here.

I am including mine and my girls photo challenge photos in this DD. Which I think is great…especially for those days when the only photos I have are of the challenges.

So far I am doing 2 pages for each day.
But I am giving myself permission to only do one page a day, if that is all I have for that day.
That is a big step for me you know ;)

Day #3
I am using different page protectors for this album.
My plan is to do a full page for the daily (family) photo. and a divided page for the challenge photos.
Have you noticed that Ashley doesn't have any challenge photos for these 2 days…someone fell behind...

I used my camera for these photos.
I thought that they would be clearer than my cell phone, which they are, but they came out a yellow tinge…so I think I will just use my cell phone for the rest.

I am having fun adding decorative elements to these journal cards.
I am adding the journal prompts beside the photos with my label maker.

I am using the PL journal cards and decorating them up a bit.
Here I used a border strip and just cut the top part of the card to the same shape as the border.
I have also been trimming the cards smaller if I need be.
Just a tip…If you have the envelope punch board, the corner rounder is the exact same roundness as the PL rounded corners…see I just punched the one corner on here and it is exactly the same as the other side. So if you have this tool, you don't need to purchase Becky Higgins Project Life corner rounder :)

Wayne and I went out for a late lunch…yum.
I had so many leftovers, I had more than enough for supper as well :)

Day 22 of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazines daily photo challenge.
I would rather had my girls model this photo, but they aren't here tonight.

Day 22 of Heidi Swapp's daily photo challenge.
My girls have been baking up a storm at Ashley house today :)
Here are are their gingerbread cookies that they made today :)

I made a couple more pillow box's, but thought I have overwhelmed my blog with photos tonight, so I will share those another day:)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your pages look are way ahead of me!
    Love the photo of you in the look like a model...great shot!
    Your book is coming along so looks wonderful!

  2. the pages look fabulous. I love all your photos, I have a point and shoot and have been trying to take a picture of the tree and it doesn't look right. Yum to the gingerbread men.

  3. your DD is looking sooooo fab!
    love all the photos

  4. I'm loving all of your little details on your DD! And I like the different page protectors too. What size album? Your lunch looks delicious!!

  5. I love how your December Daily is turning out!!! One of these years I will get my act together and get one made.

  6. Lovely pLayouts:)

    Wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas:)


  7. You are doing great on your Dec Daily! I am jealous that you've seen Catching Fire. I haven't been able to get out to see it yet. :( Will probably have to wait until it gets to Netflix now. Merry Christmas!

  8. Great seeing your Dec. Daily. You have mad more progress than me.

  9. Wonderful pages, those cookies look delicious.

  10. Fab DD pages, love how you're including everyone's photos from the challenge!

  11. Great pages again! I really like how you are using the divided pages to show off the challenge photos. What a great idea!

    And those cookies look awesome! This is making me miss Christmas - and its way too early in the year for that!


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