Friday, December 20, 2013

A gift to chuckle over

My friend Lynne came by today and gave me a Christmas present :)
I love the card she made me, the sentiment says "Some of my Best friends are flakes" teehee.
I am sure she meant that in the most loving way ;)

I had quite the chuckle out of this one.
Lynne has a great sense of humour and we so get each other.
When she comes over for Friday Night Scrapbooking, more times then not, I don't have any ice in the freezer, as much as I love ice in my pop.
She teases me asking to know if I need the recipe.
Well, not only did she give me a brand new ice tray, she also gave me her secret recipe on making ice, lmao.

Wayne took today off and we did the rest of our shopping. We were almost done just a few small things.
I thought of you Katie, when I saw this kit…..mind you, yours are so much cuter.

Day 20 of Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge.
If you aren't familiar with Canadian money, these are our $1.00 and $2.00. We have coins not paper money for ours.
Makes a purse a bit heavy if you don't use these up ;)

Day 20 for CSM photo a day challenge.
This was also a prompt used by Heidi Swapp on an earlier day.
I had just as much trouble finding this one as I did hers.
But Wayne to the rescue again :)
I used to sew/make my aunt an elf every year for Christmas…wish I would have taken photos of those.

I hope you all had a wonderful, creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your present looks so nice and that card is a hoot!

  2. I love that recipe! So easy too, I'm so going to have to give it a funny. Happy Christmas to you and a great 2014 x

  3. I need to pin that recipe! Lucky to have such good friends. It's a good time of year to unload some of that weight. I am always dropping my coins to the bell guys in red. And I get a candy cane!

  4. A friend with a good sense of humor is the best gift!

  5. Really cute card, Love your friend's humour. Great pictures for the two challenges. the elves are cute.

  6. Sounds like you had a fun Friday! Some of my best friends are flakes too. Love it!!! Hope you are successful in making ice cubes in the future with your new tray! Get rid of those heavy coins. They do collect quickly!

  7. Funny! And some of my best friends have at least one flake for a friend. :-)

  8. Friends with a sense of humor are the best!! I love having people in my life who keep me laughing! Love her gift!! We use to have $2 bills here, but they took them out of circulation, or whatever that's called. Our $1 bills get pretty ratty a coin would be nice, except for the heavy purse part. Lol!

  9. LOL! I will have to try that recipe for ice :-) Great post!

  10. Ah! Santa Cupcakes!!!

    That card is too adorable. And I love the recipe for ice. I am the worst at remembering to make ice. Fortunately, our apartment here has an ice maker - otherwise we'd never have any!


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