Monday, December 23, 2013

Pillow Boxes and Traditions

I didn't get to finish anymore pages in my December Daily, so I thought I would share my pillow boxes that I had made :)
I am really having fun with this pillow box punch board.
If you noticed I made a bit of an error on this one.
One flap goes out and the other flap on the other end goes in….I must have punched the finger notch on opposite ends…oh well, it still is pretty :)

I have even been making different sizes of these pillow boxes.
There will be a few of these boxes under the tree ;)

I worked today!!!
I know right?!  I'm suppose to be retired!!
But the company needed some paper work looked up and Wayne volunteered me…such a sweetie eh, teehee.
As it was my book work from last year, I knew exactly what I was looking for, so it took me less than 5 minutes to get the papers that they needed.
I was a bit sad to walk by my old photocopier, my fax machine, my file cabinet, and my boxes and boxes of paper work….but not sad enough to go back to work, lol.

I also got my Scrap for Heart crop tickets today :)
It isn't until February 1st but today was the last day to get the free gift.
And who doesn't like a free gift. It is an insulated lunch bag.

I was checking out one of my favourite artists on FB and found out I won some of her fabric :)
Sadly I won this back in October and I am sure it is too late to claim my prize :(
Don't I look all happy there, teehee.

For Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge the prompt was
I had Kristy help me with this one.
I have no idea how to write on my photos and for some reason my phone wouldn't download the app.
Thank you Kristy :)

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's photo prompt.
We have many traditions, like watching Christmas movies, baking, where we celebrate the days and that Wayne goes overboard on his gifts he gives.
But the one I choose is Christmas PJ's :)
After getting together with Wayne's side of the family and enjoying a wonderful feast and family, we come back home in the evening and the girls are allowed to open one gift…of my choice ;)
I always give them their Christmas PJ's :)
Aren't they adorable. :)

This evening was spent watching a couple of Christmas movies. Wayne's favourite is "Jingle all the Way" and one of mine (as I have many favourites) "A Christmas Story".
What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Hope you all had a wonderful and creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love A Christmas Story. My daughter and I always watch it!!!!!

  2. Those PJ's are fabulous! I love everyone matching for the morning present opening pictures!
    My MIL always sent the girls PJ's to be opened on Xmas Eve. She was from Filey, England and her Mum mailed sets to Canada to be opened the night before Christmas too. DH has fond memories of his Grandma's Pj's!
    Merry Christmas Tracey!

  3. I like your traditions, we liked to drive around the city looking at all the lights on Christmas eve, then back home to bed except Santa had to stay up to "set up" for morning. Merry Christmas Tracy!!!

  4. Fabulous photos, love the pillow boxes! Merry Christmas Tracy, to you and your family. Have a fabulous time. Hugs, from the Hughes family :-)

  5. Pretty pillow boxes! Thanks for sharing your great photos. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  6. love the pillow boxes! soooo pretty
    your daughters are so cute !
    merry christmas

  7. Just think, if you still worked, you could use that new lunch bag to take your lunch every day. Lol! The pillow boxes are so cute! I have the Stampin' Up! die and it always cuts through my paper. I have to reinforce it with tape from the back side, but I'm wondering if something like this would be better? We have the same PJ tradition that you do :)

  8. AJ's favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story! I have way too many - but Home Alone is probably my favorite of my favorites!

    Love the pj tradition! We started that this year - I'm really hoping Santa holds that tradition up for next year!

    Love the pillow boxes! They are so festive!

  9. We love a Christmas story as well! We watch it earlier before the holidays though.


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