Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold day..perfect for some snuggling in.

Wayne took the day off of work today to go to our cottage to plow the snow.
I stayed back as it was -32C so very cold.
It is almost a 2 hour drive to the cottage and sitting in the truck as Wayne goes back and forth plowing the roads, kind of makes me nauseous.
And the heat in the camp is kept to a minimum, so it would be freezing in there.
So as Wayne was driving to the cottage, Heather and Kristy were off to work, so I snuck into my nice warm, cozy bed and went back to sleep…retired life is sweet ;)

But before Wayne could get on the road, he had to boost his truck :(

Today is day 10 of Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge.
My real indulgence is an ice cold can of Coca-Cola.
But sticking with the winter/Christmas theme I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and some of my home made chocolate turtles :)

For Canadian Scrapbookers daily photo challenge
I have my cards ready to be put in the mail :)
For whatever reason, none of our computers would read my address labels from my external hard drive.
Because I now have a Macbook Pro, it didn't come with a word program, so I don't know how to print on the Avery Labels.
I had to re write them on Heather's computer, but she didn't have any coloured ink.
But I finally got them all done.

For some odd reason, I am wanting to totally declutter, clean, reorganize our whole house.
So today I started on the basement.
I have quite a few bags to donate and a couple bags of garbage.
I have a long way to go.
I used to keep an on-going donate box in the house, and do a big clean up/donate twice a year.
I don't think I have done this since my dad passed away, and I still have some of his stuff that I wasn't ready to part with.
Well now is the time.
I am on a mission. Maybe not the best time of the year to do this, as I am busy with getting ready for Christmas, but it just feels right to do it right now.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh wow that is so pretty... Your snow cottage. And your chocolate treats. I haven't done mail yet. It snowed all day so I'm waiting for all the junk!

  2. I feel the same zeal to purge my house...maybe even some stash in my scrapbook room!
    That is cold...we have had up to minus 10 overnights...but most of today hovered just above Zero...thank goodness!

  3. Oh, so very cold! Hope your cleanup project goes well. Stay warm!

  4. brrrrrr! we are having a cold snap as well- but not that cold!
    i made a cup of hot chocolate for my son yesterday after he got done sledding!! love hot chocolate

  5. Staying in a warm bed sounds alright to me, wow really cold, compared to that we are having a heat wave lol. Purging is good, I just did that with my Mom's things. We are having a new furnace put in today so busying myself getting ready to put the tree up. All my swap cards went out yesterday, now the simple assembly line ones are in the works.

  6. Brr! I would have stayed home too! That hot chocolate looks so yummy and definitely indulgent! You know, when it comes to cleaning and organizing, you have to strike while the iron is hot, boo matter if it's Christmas! Lol!

  7. The snow looks extra cold, and the chocolate extra hot to make up for it. And I have never seen turtles that were made in a mold like that - very nice!!

  8. Brrrr - it has been cold the last few days hasn't it! The hot chocolate and your turtles looks so yummy! And yep, when your head says declutter, its best to do it, as else it could be another 6 months before you get that whim again! Half my basement is currently full of boxes, that Andy (in his wisdom) decided to take out of the storeroom, leave and go back to Winnipeg. Now every time I go down there I look at all these boxes and get totally overwhelmed and walk straight back out again. The only thing is my craft room is down there and it stops me from going near my area. Will have to grab some stuff and run back upstairs with it LOL!

  9. Baking today and a bit of packages that I will have to "polish" up. I am getting there!

  10. That is a lot of snow. Going back to sleep after everyone leaves sounds awesome!

    And your hot chocolate looks delicious! In fact, I'm going to go make a cup now!

    Decluttering is awesome! You have to act on that when the mood strikes!

  11. Indeed, at that temperature the only place a sane person would be is snuggled up under cozy blankets in bed :D Your poor Wayne :/ He is one tough dude! Braving that cold to clear the paths of your cottage. Bet he was ready for some hot chocolate....maybe with a dollop or two of something stronger...to warm his frozen bones.

    Stay warm :D

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie


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