Friday, December 13, 2013

Creating and some photo prompts

It was another freezing day out today, but I was lucky enough not to have to go out in it :)
But because of the weather, Friday Night Scrapbooking was at a minimum, lol.
My die hard SIL/friend Sharon was the only one who braved the cold…and she doesn't even have a  car starter, lol.
I had so many things to work on tonight, but just didn't have the umph to do them.
So I pulled out that pillow box punch board and played.
I also played with the envelope punch board but didn't finish my project, so I will share that another day ;)
Again I used a cupcake wrapper for the accordion piece and a dimensional sticker of that bird for the centre.

Day 13 of Canadian Scrapbookers Magazine.
I did some wrapping today :)

Day 13 of Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge.
"Ugly Sweater"
Honestly I don't have any ugly sweaters…actually I am not a big sweater person.
Except for this one.
I LOVE this sweater.
My daughters call it my Ol' Lady Sweater.
I have no idea on how old it is…lets just say, I may have bought it before I had children, lol.
But why I put it with this photo prompt, is because there are holes where buttons used to be. I can't even sew a button back on, as there are big gapping holes where buttons once were.
There is paint on it. I wear this in my craft room as I create, as my craft room is in the basement in a corner room, and it gets chilly in there.
The cuffs are starting to unravel. I just keep rolling up the sleeves. See the long thread on the left, yup that is from the cuff unraveling, lol.
What I love about this sweater is that it is light, warm and has pockets to keep my cell phone and treasures I pick up in.
Plus it bugs my girls that I still wear it ;)

I hope you all had a warm and creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute pillow box, and picture of your tree with presents. I'm sure we all have a favourite "UGLY' sweater. Mine is a sweatshirt with mickey mouse on the front, hubby has threatened to hide it on me. (in the city storage) lol.

  2. love your pillow box!
    I did a ton of wrapping last week and have one more batch to do and then I am done!!

  3. That pillow box is awesome, I love the paper you used and the cupcake wrapper too. I know you've done that before, have you done a tutorial on it? We still need to wrap Landry's doll house, but think we'll be better off if we put it together first, that way it will be all ready to play with Christmas morning. I'm not wanting to put it together :( What kinds of treasures do you keep in your pockets? I'm intrigued :)

  4. Love the pillow box! I really like how you have the cupcake wrapper as a ruffle!

    I had a lot of wrapping to do. Because all of my gifts went to New York and I'm still in Louisiana!

    That sweater looks really comfy!


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