Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift box with the gift box punch board

Today I wrapped the rest of our Christmas gifts :)
I also got a chance to play with my Gift Box Punch Board.
Isn't' this little gift box cute :)
I just used a dimensional Santa sticker and added a gift tag that I stamped.

I used a 6x6 piece of pattern cardstock.
I put a teardrop ink pad beside the gift box so you can see the size of the box.

Here is how the box closes.
It has 4 flaps, and the two opposite ends hook into each other.

I used really thick paper and the inside flaps still ripped when I had to struggle to hook them together.
I should have shared the inside of the box as the 4 inner corners stick out.
I am sure you can just leave them as is, but I adhered them together and then adhered them to the inner sides of the box.

I decided to order Chinese food for supper tonight :)
Wayne grabbed a heart shaped chicken ball and gave it to me ;)
Such a sweetie :)

Day 19 of Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge.
"Candy Cane"
Kristy requested that we not get candy canes for the Christmas tree this year as we kind of go overboard and purchase about 6 boxes, lol.
So because we didn't buy any candy canes, I used this mini ornament for the challenge.

Day 19 for Canadian Scrapbooker magazine's photo a day challenge.
There is nothing like a quiet candlelit tub with a good magazine or book.
I just picked up my new issue and can't wait to crack it open :)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That box is so will come in handy on the big day!

    Snow predicted here tomorrow...think I will have a day at home relaxing! Everything that has to be done is finished and a few fun things too! Perhaps tomorrow night will be a great evening to go for a walk and take photos of the lights. They are always prettier against the snow.

  2. That little gift box is so tiny and so very cute!! Love your pictures, food looks good, a quiet tub sounds nice and relaxing, and the candy cane is cute too! Have a great night! :)

  3. Your box is so cute! I'm still waiting for mine! My candy punch board is on it's way. But sadly I won't be using it for Christmas. But I'm happy to be getting it!!! : )

  4. Super cute little box, is it like the punch board for envies and make a lot of sizes? I haven't seen one but then again we only have one very small scrapbooking store here.

  5. Chinese sounds so yummy and nothing says love like a heat shaped chicken ball. Lol! We don't have chicken balls here. I feel like we've had this ball discussion before... Your gift box is so lovely!!!! I have a circuit cartridge that makes boxes about that size.

  6. Cute little box! Yum, Chinese! I will wail until Cait comes home to order some.

  7. Beautiful gift box, Tracy! Now I'll be craving Chinese food until I get it! lol I haven't wrapped a single gift yet but there's still LOTS of time, right? ;o)

  8. Fabulous little gift box! Love the Santa ! I have to make to miniature gift boxes to hold two teeny ornaments for my girls for the Christmas table - thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I'm playing tons of catch up today from being away over excuse me while I blow up your blog comments for a bit!

    Love the gift box!

    How sweet of Wayne to give you the heart shaped chicken ball!

  10. Heehee on the heart shaped chicken ball!


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