Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Creative shopping and Parental Bullying.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you should have stepped in and said something to someone, but didn't?
This happened to me yesterday at Mall of America.
A mother was angry at her daughter (about 12 yrs old) and was swearing and threatening her.
Her daughter didn't want to leave the mall and the mother was swearing and telling her…wait until you get home, your @ss is mine!
They left, then came back as the mother didn't have her purse and yelled to a gentleman inside the store to get her her purse.
The man knew her, but didn't say anything to her.
I was hoping he knew she was just frustrated and wouldn't really punish her as bad as she made it sound.
I have stepped in before, and chatted or calmed a mother down. Not in a judging or pointing the finger kind of way, but in an understanding its not always easy, sympathizing kind of way.
But this has been eating away at me since it happened.
I know many say not to meddle its not your business….especially with parenting.
But when is it parenting and when is it bullying or abusive?

We made it back home safe and sound.
I started and completed a novel on the way home.
We also stopped off at Pine City Scrapbooking and I found the die I was searching for the whole trip :)
The Tim Holtz poinsettia die.
Wayne noticed that the store had the pillow box punch board that I had purchased yesterday. Then he noticed they had a gift box punch board and told me I needed this.
Who was I to argue ;)

Talk about the pillow box punch board, I did get to play with it last night in the hotel.
My advice when using this product is to use heavy card stock.
Mind you I have a heavy hand when scoring, so that may have been a bit of my problem, as the one side ripped a bit.
I used a cupcake wrapper for the accordion embellishment and a flower…both from the $1.50 bin from Michael's.

These were beside me for most of the drive back home….I think my daughter should have invested in some new socks on her big shopping spree, lol.
Can you guess which of my daughter's these tootsies belong to?

For Canadian Scrapbookers daily photo challenge today's prompt…
Since I had finished my Christmas cards last week, I thought this picture would make the cut :)

Day 8 for Heidi Swapp's daily photo challenger her prompt was
I don't have my indoor decor up yet..I don't like it up to early. I will put it up this week.
I made a paper quilt years ago and framed it, so I used one of the blocks I stamped for todays photo.

That is all from me tonight.
I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Never argue with someone who wants to buy you crafty items!!! Look at all of those cards...dang reminds me how far behind I am.


  2. Wow! You did great!.
    I think it is the timHoltz poinsettia die that has an embossing folder to match the size of the petals in the die...I could be wrong,,,but I really think would be cool to have too!

    Oh no...I can not picture any of your daughters having a hole in their sock...well, maybe the daughter who saved so hard to get a house!

  3. I'm sure anything you might have to say to such a person would have been lost in her. To not care to act such a way in front of others to me shows she doesn't care about anything but her own needs. Shame.

    Love the craft goodies. I really must look for these punch things. I REALLY like the box one. Have fun with your new dies. Oh and some needs Santa to bring them socks.

  4. That Mother was out of control, in her state I don't know if anyone could have defused the situation but I hope she calmed down by the time she came home. When my grandson was acting out in the grocery store, she just turned to him and said "where is your mommy, little boy" he in turn said ::"you are" she replied then act like it.
    Awesome dies and pillow box, What a wonderful hubby, he sure is a keeper.

  5. I sure hope the little girl was okay and the mom was just saying something in the heat of the moment :( I love the gift box template, can't wait to see what you do with it and so glad you found the die you were looking for too! My guess is Heather's feet... Glad you guys made it home safe!

  6. what a cute gift box- i love pillow boxes-

  7. Lovely shopping:D:D

    Fabulous gift box:)


  8. LOL - I just went through all of my socks the other day because I realized I had a few too many with holes and invested in some new pairs.

    Cute pillow box and pretty cards! That is quite a stack!

    As for the bullying...that is a tough one. I think if I saw someone physically abusing I would have to step in or say something. Even just to call for help. And even then whether it's physical or verbal, I have seen too many of the upset parents turn and go after the person trying to help.
    I know we had an incident at a soccer practice. My daughter's team was practicing next to the preschool team. And one of the preschool moms was just screaming in her daughter's face. The little girl was crying and you could just tell the mom had lost it.
    The dad intervened, so then we thought good he is taking over for her. But then he was just as mad and knocked the little girl's hand out of her mouth. She had been sucking on her hand.
    The mom next to me literally called the police. And she did walk over to say something to them while I stayed with her son.
    It was so sad and scary. :(

  9. Hehee, is that your socks dropping one? ;0)

  10. Hahaha, Wayne is an awesome husband encouraging you to buy crafty things!

    That is really hard with the parental bullying issue. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I've seen a few issues. Fortunately, during both incidents that came to mind, an older and more experience member of the school was also involved in the meeting and stepped in and handled it. I was just too young and freaked out to even know what to say.


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