Thursday, December 5, 2013

Its a cold one today

It was a bit chilly today.  -11C/5F.
Actually with the wind it was really cold.
We didn't get as much snow as they predicted.

Kristy and Heather spent the night at Ashley's, as they didn't have to work today.
So when I went to pick them up I first ran to get Sebastian some kitty litter.
Not sure what is wrong with this guy, but he sure likes litter, lol.
He kept scratching and clawing at the bag, lol.
As I was at Ashley's I did one (hopefully) last coat of paint on part of the project.
Seriously this project is just moving in slow motion.

Day 5 for Canadian Scrapbookers photo a day challenge.
 Today my breakfast consisted of oatmeal and blueberries that I had picked this summer at our cottage.
Yummy :)

I am also following along with Heidi Swapp's photo a day challenge.
But with Heidi's challenge, she doesn't share the photo prompts until the day of.
Today's prompt was "Tree"
Since I don't put up our tree until December 12th, I don't have my tree to share.
So I used a photo I took yesterday.

I have an exciting weekend planned :)
But I have to get up at 5:00am.
I am thinking of just staying up as I am NOT a morning person ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That was chilly, but it is much colder here in MT. Our high was minus 12f. Pretty tree with lights!

  2. When we bought our kitty...almost 18 years ago she was sleeping in the kitty litter box. Silly girl. This morning it's -37 with windchill. OMG!!!!

  3. I love it that your girls are so close!!
    your breakfast looks sooo yummy!
    we just got a round of ice- we are all off school today and then mid day we are getting 5-8inches of snow!! can't wait

  4. Yep chilly and damp here at the moment! More snow is supposed to be on its way at the start of next week - we will see what turns up :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Mm, I have dried blueberries and walnuts in my daily oatmeal. Mya's kitten likes to scratch around in her litter box. She is right in the way when it is getting cleaned. She then has to scratch about after it is done. It is like she is looking for her stuff". ;0)

  6. Aren't animals quirky? We keep comparing Dirk to Murray, they are so fun to see the different things they do. I can't wait for the project to be finished at Ashley's, I know you can't either!

  7. Girl....that is COLD! Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever. -11 degrees is too cold to be anywhere but inside, snuggled up in a blankie, reading a book, or napping :D That is my idea of what to do when it is cold outside anyway :D

    Your breakfast looks yummy. Fuel for your busy day with your project at Ashley's and her cat :D

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  8. those blueberries look sooooo good. I am not sure what happened but my bloglovin feed isn't working and hasn't been for three days, not sure what's up with that. great job on keeping up with the photos.

  9. Your breakfast looks delicious!!!

    Love the picture of Sebastian, he's so cute!


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