Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its Done, Its Done, the Big Project is Done!!!!

I am so so happy…. the Big Project is done!!!!

Before Ashely even went house shopping, she had this plan to have a mantle in her home.
So of course she asked me to make one…and of course I said "Yes, we can do that", lol.
She had seen the plans (I will share them when I get the link from her) and we went to work.
It was a long process because I could only work on it at when I was at her place.
This isn't where it is going to stay though, I just wanted to get a quick photo of it for you all to see :)
Ashley was planning on having shelves inside the opening for her video games systems and dvd players. But I think she has changed her mind about that.
She is planing on mounting her big screen above the mantle once it is on the correct wall.
I love how it turned out!!!!
I want to make me one now…but have no idea where I would put it, lol.

I always put my tree up on December 12th.
So today was the day.
Kristy did most of the work, except for the beads. Those suckers were being difficult this year.
I need to put on Christmas music on when we decorate….do you?

Day 12 of Heidi Swapp's photo challenge.
This one was a bit of a challenge for me. I had a couple of options playing in my mind.
I didn't have any coal for the naughty stocking so I grabbed some black paint and painted some spoon sized shredded wheat to make them look like coal :)

For Canadian Scrapbooker's challenge the prompt was
It wasn't until later that I could have taken a photo of a snowman…Frosty the Snowman.
It was a cold one today, so a photo of our frosty truck windows seemed to fit the bill for this challenge.

Onto My Day:
Wayne took the day off of work today as we had a meeting.
After the meeting we went shopping. I know its about time right, lol.
We are almost done!!
We went to visit Ashley at her house during her lunch break. She needed an extension cord for her jeep as it was so cold this morning her jeep almost didn't start.
She is feeling under the weather, so I bought her a plug for her tub so she can take a nice long hot tub after work tonight.

Well I am off to drive Kristy's friend home, warming up the jeep, as it is freezing out there.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love it! I guessed that was what you were working on! ;0)

  2. Tracy, that is amazing!!! I am so impressed :)

  3. Too cute! Love the Naughty/Nice Stocking! : )

  4. Wow that is awesome. You did a great job. Building that stuff is so fun. Your tree is pretty and I agree on the beads...that's my job too. Yes to the Christmas music. Hope your daughter doesn't get a full blown anything. That always sucks and right before Christmas. I find smoothies help. A lot of vitamins packed into those. Still plugging away at my Christmas cards...

  5. So happy to see your finished project. You did an awesome job! You were a creative little soul inventing your own coal. Your tree is again pretty this year. I was having problems with my beads this year too!

  6. what a beautiful mantle, I want one too and have no idea where I would put it either. Fabulous job. Beautiful tree and yes I also put Christmas music on when I put the tree up which will be this weekend. The red looks great, I have been doing blue on my tree but maybe this year I will use the red baubles and of course I will also be fighting the beads.

  7. oh my golly the mantle is BEAUTIFUL!
    you rocked it my friend!!

  8. That mantle looks fantastic! You did an amazing job. What a great idea to create a fireplace look. Great idea for creating 'coal.' Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. The mantle is did an amazing job!!!! My guess was a headboard....boy was I wrong!

  10. Oh my the mantle is GORGEOUS!!! love it:D
    You did an amazing and fabulous work!!

    Have a nice weekend:):)


  11. THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! I looooove it!

    I seriously cannot believe that you built this. It didn't even cross my mind when you were talking about it that it could be a mantle! To be honest, I didn't even know that a mantle was something someone could make. When we get a house, if it doesn't have a fireplace, AJ is going to have to make me one!

  12. What an awesome project, it looks fab! Your tree looks great and that's fun that you're keeping up with both photo challenges, I had to drop one. :)

  13. The mantle turned out gorgeous! Shelves inside - man wouldn't that look pretty in a crafting space!!

  14. WOWZERS! That fireplace surround is Uber Fantastic! You do such good work. You deserve to be proud of it :D Awesome!

    Your tree looks so good, standing there in front of the window. You're getting there.

    I have to ask. What kind of "Plug" would go in a bathtub? Electricity vs Water - ummmm I think there is something in that bit you mentioned that I am not aware of.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

    1. The "plug" for the bathtub was to put in the drain so the water stays in the tub :)

  15. It turned out amazing!!!!! I love it so much :) Your tree looks beautiful and I'm cracking up at the shredded wheat coal. Lol!

  16. WOW - Tracy - jack of all trades!!! That is one amazing fire place! You have one lucky daughter! TFS


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