Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pressies, I got some pressies :)

I thought I would start my post with the photo challenges.
Heidi Swapp's prompt is "decoration"
Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's prompt is "ornament".
So I can use the same photo for both challenges :)

So I thought I would share with you an ornament I had made a few years ago.
I had made one for almost everyone I knew :)
I used alcohol ink for the red colour and cut some sticky shelf liner in my Cricut for the letter .
These are my favourite ornaments. I love how they turned out.

Today I went for a run to the border.
I had a couple of parcels to pick up and one to mail away.
About 20 minutes into the drive the roads got bad.
We had quite a bit of snow yesterday, but I thought the highway would have been cleared by now….guess not. I couldn't even see where the lines on the highway were.
But I drove on.
On the way home, when we got to the border crossing, we were asked to pull over.
They do this every once in awhile, but I have never had to pull over.
Guess I looked like a bad ass today, lol.

I wasn't going to open my present until Christmas, but because the border officers had to open everything, I figured what the heck, I might as well check everything out.
I received these goodies from Pea :)
Thank you Phillane, I love the hot chocolate holder and the ornament, and the magazine, and the gorguss girl stamp…oh who am I kidding I love everything.
Thank you so much my friend :)

Here is the card Phillane made me.
Isn't it adorable.
This image is so cute and beautifully coloured.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Aw girl, you didnt have to post this but thank you. Merry Christmas....
    Now, I am sorry those poopy heads spoiled your surprise. Then again you knew most of what you were getting. Hugs, phillane

  2. Love the ornament btw.
    Hugs, Phillane

  3. Beautiful ornaments that you made...love the shelf liner letter!
    Your pressies are wonderful!

  4. your ornament is sooo pretty!
    what a fun present!!

  5. That doesn't sound like a fun drive, well except for getting to look at your fabulous gift. ;-) Gorgeous ornament!

  6. Such a pretty ornament, glad it worked for birth challenges! You always look like a bad ass, what's different about today? Lol! I'm glad you made it back home okay, usually the highways are OK and the side streets are crap. What a lovely gift from Pea :) a Beautiful card from her too :)

  7. Well if they were opening it anyway!!!!

  8. Awesome ornament, I have glass ornaments but haven't made any. Fabulous gift and sweet card. I am out driving today but it isn't far, it snowed here yesterday too.

  9. Glad you made it back safely!
    That ornament is so pretty. :)

  10. The ornament is gorgeous!

    That is funny that you got pulled over! We got yelled at coming into America once. But that was because we each filled out our own form (because we weren't married yet) but the guy said because we lived together, we could have filled out one. But I was scared!

    What a fun gift, I'm glad you got to open it early! I opened all of my school gifts early, even though I guess I technically should have waited!

  11. Wonderful ornament!! Sorry you to had to open your gift! But oh what fun to have those goodies to play with! TFS

  12. That's funny that the border patrol had to open your packages. Sadly I do not live close enough to the border to blame it on that when I really want to peek! LOL!

  13. Oh, sorry I wanted to add... those oraments are take my breath away gorgeous. The color is beautiful and I love the monograms also!

  14. The ornaments you had made are awesome! Love the font!


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