Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow, calendar and photo challenges.

We received a bit of snow today, and there are predicting a lot more in the next couple of days.
We are on a storm warning right now, but it seems to be blowing around more than actual snow coming down.
These are the trees I purchased at Michael's. You remember the ones I couldn't use my 30% off coupon on as they were 1/2" to high….yes I am still a bit bothered by that, lol.

Yesterday I received my 2014 Pagemaps Calendar.
I had never seen one before. All I knew was it was a calendar with sketches in it.
So I purchased one for me and one for my friend for Christmas.
What I like about it….it has 30 sketches in it. One for each month and then a bunch on the back 2 pages.
I like that it has a completed layout for each of the months sketches.
I like that the calendar is 8.5 x11"
I like that it is coil bound and can lay flat, even when the pages are pulled around to the back.
I like that the calendar isn't glossy, so you can use any pen or pencil to write on it.
I like that there are about 4 journal blocks for each month.
What I don't like is that there is also a full page advertisement for each month, I really didn't like that :(

I spent a lot of my day at Ashley's.
I haven't forgot to share with you the project that I am working on for Ashley. But I want to share the totally finished project.
I had to put clear coat on it and paint one other part.
Hoping to finish it tomorrow.
Heather and I were at Ashely's when she came home for lunch.
She cleaned Sebastian's litter box, then he went in it and had a little rest, lol.
I have never seen a cat that liked its litter box as much as this little guy does. Silly kitty.

Day 4 of Canadian Scrapbookers photo a day challenge.
"Good Morning"
I don't usually read the prompts until later in the day…until Kristy informed me that I failed with my photo today.
So I had to set this one up, lol.

Day 4 of Heidi Swapps photo challenge.
I don't put up our stocking until later in the month.
But I did find this little gift card holder stocking ;)

Today I had to go to the doctor.
My heel has been so sore since June or so. It feels like I have a big rock in my heel. Sometimes I can't even walk on it.
Oh, are you wondering why I didn't go to the doctor sooner….I was hoping it would go away and I don't really like to go to doctors, lol.
Well it turns out I have plantar fasciitis.  Not fun for someone who loves to walk as much as I do :)
As I was waiting to be called I took a photo of the Sleeping Giant….or lack of, lol.
The first photo is from a few months ago, the bottom was from today.
The visibility outside is even worse now.

I hope you all had a wonderful, warm and creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh no! I have had plantar is horrible. I had it for about three years. off and on. You are right about sometimes not being able to walk on it. I finally got rid of are some helpful hints.

    Two peas has had a number of fabulous posts about it...If you search they are well worth reading.

    1 Only wear really good shoes that have extra cushioned heels...I have had good luck with Echo, Clarks, and Rockports. But only some styles. I try to keep the height of the heel always the same on any shoes I buy...drag I know...but it stops the fascia from being restretched.
    2 Never go barefoot...I used to never wear slippers as I have really hot feet. I wear really expensive cushioned slippers all the time..If I feel like it is flaring up, I wear Crocs inside rather than my slippers.
    2. Roll a frozen bottle of ice back and forth under yourfoot when watching TV. It really helps.
    3 Somep[eople have luck with expensive orthotics...but I used the good shoes, crocs inside and the frozen ice.
    4. inflamatories...really helps
    5.If you google you will find a series of exercises to do to stretch your foot...especially first thing in the morning before you bear weight on it.You use a towel to stretch your foot.
    6. Wear a splint to bed...keeps the liagiament stretched all night.
    Good luck...I think it commonly takes a year...more if you are overweight like me!
    I will pray you have a faster recovery. Usually people have tight calf muscles and so leg exercises can help too.

    1. Thank you so much for the tips.
      I did read up on it and doctor gave me some things to read and exercises to do as well.
      I walk so much…especially during the summer, man it was excruciating especially first thing in the morning or walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night…I had to laugh it was so insane.

  2. Me again.Hope the long post is not OTT but I understand the pain level so wanted to offer some ideas...

  3. Love the snow photos, Tracy! I think you might have more then us! :o)

  4. Such great photos, the comparison of shots from town are fab!

  5. we are under a storm wwarning starting tonight- i am hoping for a snow day tomorrow- lots of ice and snow!!! perfect crafting weather!!
    i have plantar fiscilitis and awesome shoes really work for me! i wear clarks for work and then when i am at home i have orthodic slippers that are heaven!!
    love your calendar!

  6. Glad your calendar arrived. I have had one in the past. Cool pictures you took of the Sleeping Giant. We have one here too.

  7. What a fun sketch book, but I wouldn't like the ads either. I love the trees, totally worth it :) I hope your foot is okay!! That cat is too cute, and you know I'm a dog person ;)

  8. The snow covered lighted trees....AWESOME! The photo of your morning routine set up is great. Sorry to hear that you are having foot trouble. That bites - big time! Well, winter is officially your part of the world anyway. We are supposed to get ice storms the next four days. Stay warm is all I can offer...and get that foot on the mend.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  9. We are supposed to get snow here, too, but no where near what you are probably getting!
    I am the same way about going to the doctor! I really hate to go unless I absolutely have to. Hope your foot heals soon. I am not quite sure what it all involves, but hopefully it's a quick recovery and cure!

  10. I have that too! I have learned to be very careful about the style of shoes I buy. Well supported shoes make it completely disappear. It only takes a couple days for "bad" shoes to make it come back though. In summer time now I can't wear cute $5 flip flops any more unless they are the really cushy kind like from Crocs.

  11. Great pictures, we are having a down right balmy day here in SWO, I'm sure we will pay for it. Temps are supposed to drop tonight. I think the heel thing is something that happens when we get "older" I had a heel spur but with orthotics it seems to be better. Waiting to see the "project" tomorrow.

  12. Your trees look so pretty with the snow and the lights. Looks so festive! :)

  13. Know where your coming from on the plantar fasciitis . I can no longer go bare foot round the house (always used too), have to wear something with a good arch to it, as that is where I get the most pain! Still can't wait to see this finished project!

  14. Ouch! My gf had to stop running due to one of those. :0(

  15. The sketch calendar sounds really cool! I'd never heard of it before! But the full page of ads would probably bother me too :(

    The snow looks beautiful, but I hope you don't get too much and get snowed in or anything!

    I hope your foot begins to feel better.

    Can't wait to see the project you are making for Ashley!


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