Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowflakes inside and out

 Today I played with my new (to me) Tim Holtz Snowflake Rosette die.
I made about 12 of them.
I have a Cuttlebug but only have the regular sized plates.
I am sure it would have worked better if I had the larger cutting plates, but it still works. I just had to run them through, move the plates and run them through the rest of the way.
In order for the paper not to move on the die, I just used some washi tape to keep everything in place.
They turned out so pretty, I wish the photos would show the pretty sparkle I had added.

This one is my favourite.
I used some Tim Holtz papers for this one. It is showing up more green in the photo, but it is actually more blue.
I first put together the snowflake, then added a sparkly plastic white snowflake, then the top of the rosette and lastly a snowflake brad.
I just love the layers to this one and the colours.

I placed them under the tree and took a photo hoping the Christmas tree lights would show the sparkle more.
But not so much.
I know there are only 11 snowflakes here and I said I had made 12…well the 12th one is on a fun card I had made…still adding the finishing touches on it though ;)

Day 14 of Heidi Swapp's photo challenge. The prompt is…
I have to say these daughters of mine are a gift.
I know I gush over them a lot on my blog, but they truly make being a mom my greatest gift in the world.
Not only are they awesome daughters, they are also a joy to be around.

Day 14 of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's photo Challenge. The prompt is…
As much fun as I am having with these 2 photo challenges, they do repeat each other every once in awhile. And how can they not, how many prompts can you have for this month ;)
I just cropped this photo from the other day….ya I flaked out on this one, lol.

Onto My Day:
Besides making pretty snowflakes all evening, Wayne and I are catching up on the tv show, the Mentalist.
But before that we all went to see Ashley, as she is sick.
She texted me to tell me she was sick.
I asked if she wanted to come home.
She informed me that she was at home….but we all know, her home will always be here ;)  I don't care that she owns her own home.
She told me she doesn't have a bed here…I told her there are 3 beds here, just take your pick, lol.
As it turned out, we ran to Superstore to pick her up some chicken noodle soup, vicks and a few other items for her, before we went to check on her.
Kristy brought Ashley her baby blanket…how sweet was that.
Heather told us to pick her up some Vitamin C.
And I brought home her dirty laundry to wash ;)

The rest of the day Wayne and I watched television and pigged out on junk food….and I am paying for it now, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
It has warmed up a bit here today. It was -19C when we did our running around this afternoon :)

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous snowflake ornaments, looking forward to your finished card. Great pictures for the challenges. Saturday we went out early to an estate sale. Hubby found a couple of items We saw a couple of friends at the same sale lol. Because it was snowing we spent the rest of the day at home as well. (I did get a card made and thanks for the comment)

  2. I love all the snowflakes! All piled up together they look even better. I'm terrible at rosettes but I must admit this one is pretty easy. I hope your daughter gets over her cold quickly. It's the worst when our kids are unwell.

  3. You created some beautiful snowflakes! Hope Ashley feels better soon! You are such a good mommy getting her goodies and bringing home her laundry.and that is such a great photo of your girls!

  4. Whoa, those snowflakes are gorgeous! I wish the real ones were made out of paper. They probably wouldn't be as cold and would be easier to shovel, right? I'm sorry Ashley isn't feeling well, so sweet of all of you to take care of her :)

  5. I love those snow flakes!

    I'm sorry Ashley is sick. It was so nice of everyone to help take care of her!

    I laughed about the "home" comment. I do that all the time. I call New York, Baton Rouge and Chicago all home. Even though I don't even have a house in Chicago anymore! So I say things like "I'm flying home for Christmas, but we will be back home for AJ's birthday and New Year's because he needs to go back to work." It confuses people.

  6. Fabulous snow flakes - wow! Sorry to hear Ashley is not well - hope she is feeling better soon!


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