Monday, December 16, 2013

Too much Silver?

Here is the second file folder card I made.
I love how it turned out.
I love the blue and silver paper.
I forgot to share with you where I found the tutorials for them.
I took 2 tutorials and combined them :)
Dawns Stampin' Thoughts and My Chic"n Scratch
I love these Stampin' Up ladies, they have such great projects.

Here is another very dimensional snowflakes.
I used Tim Holtz snowflake die as well as the white sparkly snowflake and a snowflake brad.

I had a couple of questions about these file folder cards.
Becky's question was, are the sides sealed?
The ribbon goes all around the card and that is what holds the card in place, so it can either stay in the card, or it can slide out :)
You could also add washi tape to the edges if you want.
In Angie's video she attached the card to the inside. To read it, it would just flip open the folder.

Tip: I used one of Becky Higgins grid cards for the inside of the card. The envelope pouch board's corner rounder is an exact match to the grid cards rounded edges.

We received a bit of snow today. I love when it snows.
I don't like to shovel it, but I love to watch it from the inside of my home ;)
I didn't get to stay inside though, I had some running around to do.
The roads were really slippery. I have a 4x4 so driving wasn't bad for me, but I did see quite a bit of cars slipping' and sliding.
I love the silver colour in the sky and in the snow on the trees.

Talk about silver.
As much as I love the colour during this time of the year….I don't like it in my hair ;)
So one of my stops was to the hair salon to cover up the silver ;)

Day 16 of Canadian Scrapbookers photo challenge.
This Santa is from Mall of America.
I took a photo of the Santa at our mall her in my city today, but the photo turned out blurry. I was a bit sad, as our Santa was smiling at me as he knew I snuck his photo :)

I didn't get my photo for Heidi Swapps photo challenge as it was Nativity. I don't have a nativity scene, so I will have to come up with something else, or skip this one.

I hope you all had a great creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful file folder card, I love the blue and silver. Thanks for sharing where you found the tutorial. I too like Dawn's tutorials and have used them a lot of times as well as My Chic'n Scratch although must bookmark that one. We seemed to have gotten a bit of snow last night I hope the driving isn't too slick today as I need to do errands. Great candid shot of Santa and there must be a church that has a nativity set outside for you to snap a picture of. have a fab. Tuesday.

  2. I like this snowflake in silver. I love how you layer it. I'm pretty sure I have this brads in "silver". Ok your hair salon one is pretty cute. It's not silver in your hair, it's tinsel.

  3. oh i love the colors on this one!! just beautiful

  4. Beautiful card, really love these snowflakes! You say about covering your grey. I have decided not to bother anymore and in the new I am going to have a Mallen streak added to my side fringe. I recently had a new hairdo - short on one side with a longer fringe to the other side. Will have to post a new profile picture LOL! Have a great day.

  5. I love the file folder card! That is perfect that the Becky Higgins cards matched up with the file folder cards!

    The snow + Santa both look great!

    AJ just pointed out some of my silver hairs last night. I have never dyed my hair before (I really like my natural color) but I can see that its going to have to happen soon. I'm thinking maybe just highlights to cover it up! But hopefully not for a little while longer!

    1. I had to cut down the Becky Higgins grid card to fit the file folder card.
      But I was then was left with a couple of straight corners. So I used the envelope punch board to round them and they rounded to the same exact rounded corner to the Becky Higgins journal cards :)
      Just wanted to share that if anyone has this punch board they don't have to buy the BH corner rounder :)

  6. When you said too much silver I thought you meant on the card and I was going to tell you it was perfect! Then I read the rest of your post, you're too funny :)

  7. Oh, I do love my silver so I don't think there is such a thing as too much. :) Love that card. The layered snowflakes are so pretty! Stay safe in all of that snow.

  8. Super cute and love the photo of you at the salon. Hee hee. Waiting for today's post .
    Ugs, phillane

  9. LOVE the colour combo in your file folder card!

    Sorry... but if I were a kid, and I saw that chair without Santa in it... I'd be afraid he was a giant. I wouldn't stick around for him to show up!


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