Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Card Challenge

My friend Phillane wanted to us to do a monthly card challenge.
What we do is every month, we are going to come up with about 5 things we should do on a card and then mail each other our cards that we had made.

For January:
File Folder Card
CC Design image to colour
Use Sparkle
Use our stash.
It is Phillane's Birthday this month, so I made mine into a Birthday card for her.

As you can see I have followed our challenge prompts to a tee…I am a stickler for the rules ;)

Here is this little cutie in a bit more detail :)
Look I even added lace to mimic snow…I hardly ever use lace on my paper crafts.

I made a video if you want to hear more about our challenge and see this card in more detail :)
I still can't get my videos in screen, so here is the link to my YouTube channel.
Tracy's Treasures 24

Today I told Wayne that he should have is Black & Tan that he has once a year.
He usually has it on New Years, but because he was so sick, he never got to have it.
So as he enjoyed his drink, I enjoyed mine….a frosty glass of Coca-Cola :)
This can of coke was in the back of the fridge for a whole week and it was partly frozen ;)
Wayne was so looking forward to his drink, he couldn't wait for the photo shoot to be complete before grabbing his drink, lol.

Just in case you are wondering, Black & Tan is Harp Ale and Guinness beer. The reason for the name, is when you slowly pour the darker beer in, if you are good, it will float on the lighter coloured beer.

I spent the day doing a bit of writing and organizing my flair buttons :) I will share that in another post though.
I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
If you want to join me with these card challenges, I would love to see what you come up with :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a great idea! Love how you've colored up this sweet image and the design is perfect.


  2. Nice looking card. I love the idea you two came up with and you did well completing all the categories! Wayne's drink doesn't look very appetizing to me-sorry!

    1. LOL, I totally agree with you Leslee, he couldn't pay me to take even a sip of this beer, gross.

  3. I love your card. Nice coloring on the stamp, and I think I will use your file's idea.

  4. I love that cute file folder card! The blue colors are really nice. Love all the sparkles too!

  5. what a beautiful card! i love the colors and the coloring is perfect!!

  6. Love this! Such a pretty card and your coloring is pure perfection!

  7. Oh, this is beautiful! Love the swirl of gems!

  8. What a fun challenge and I know Pea will love her birthday card:). Great idea!! I'm laughing that Wayne was grabbing his drink, but I'm surprised it wasn't you going for your nice slushy coke!! Lol!

  9. Beautiful card! I love how you used the lace for snow on the bottom edge. Great idea!

  10. Such a cute card, and I agree about the black and tan. Yum!

  11. What an awesome challenge! Love your card.

  12. What a cute card. Love the file folder design.

  13. That card is just adorable!!!
    And I have a few of those same Coke glasses :)

  14. Great card! I've never seen a file folder card before. Love the idea!

  15. Super cute card! I also have never seen a file folder card before!

  16. I love that you guys are doing a challenge together! How fun! Your card is beautiful!

    My dad's friend loves black and tans. I don't like how they taste, but I love the way they look!

  17. Love the card, so cute! The mailing cards idea is wayy cool, sounds like fun! :)

  18. Love you card , wonderful idea and papers and sweet image. Looks like you have been wanting that Coke and beer a while :-)

  19. This card is fabulous! Love the colors and the sparkle and the adorable image. :)

  20. Lovely file folder card! I made another one too! I especially like the teal and purple combo. That's one of my favs right now.

  21. this is adorable!! I love the file folder shape.

  22. Such a cute card! And I have sentimental feelings about black & tans. My husband and I drank several of them on our first date, so sometimes he will make us one for old time's sake.

  23. An adorable card! Love the bling on it!


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