Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday File Folder Card

This weekend it is my FIL's wife, Joy's birthday.
I wanted to make her a card, but not only ran out of time, I have quite a few cards I could have choose from ;)
So I combined the idea.
I made a card back in my "January Card Challenge" and the first go around didn't work with the image I wanted to use.
But I didn't want to trash the card as it was still good.
So I revamped it to work for Joy's birthday card :)
All I really did was add these butterflies to each end of the banners and stamped her name.

I have a few flowers left outside :)
We had frost this morning, so I better enjoy them while they last.
Wayne and I are off to the cottage to totally close down for the season :(
It is suppose to rain this Sunday, so that should be fun…mind you, I think it usually does rain when we close down.

Hope you all had a Creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you were able to rework the card. Make some good memories closing your cottage up!

  2. that is a cute idea and card. I do like the butterflies and the banner is too cute. nice work Tracey!

  3. This is really pretty, love the butterflies . X

  4. I had to smile...we always get some rain too. We try to pull off the net curtains and the fabric curtains on the dry days so they don't get mildewed being stored...but it can be hard to get the right weather.

    It is not fun breaking camp in the rain. DH will go up with his buddies soon to play some golf and maybe put the boat in the water to fish...and then break up camp!
    Hopefull the cold weather holds off here.

    Your card is lovely. She has such a pretty name...I love your birthday banner!

  5. I LOVE your card, LOVE the bright turquoise color you use!! I too am trying to build my following on my Blog. Would LOVE to have you follow me there!! We have to all help each other. Thanks for the beautiful card and Happy Birthday!!!!. Hugs Stephanie

  6. Cute card!! Love the buttterflies

  7. Such a pretty card, Tracy! Hopefully you'll be all finished before the rain moves in! :)

  8. Beautiful card, We have had so much rain the fields are just saturated the soy is just starting to ripen and the tobacco isn't all off, we all need sunshine. Of course it is much easier to leave the cottage on a miserable cold day than if it was sunny.

  9. I think this card turned out so great! Loving that file folder and the butterflies too! Hope everything goes okay at the cottage :)

  10. so absolutely adorable! love it!

  11. Such a stinking cute card! I love it - now I want to go out and buy me one of those file folder dies. Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving lovely thoughts as always. Big hug!

  12. Such a wonderful card and I love the butterflies! TFS


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