Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Crop

I had an awesome day today.
I held a 6 hour crop (which went into overtime ;) in my home :)
I love to get my friends together and do what we love to do, which is create, chat and enjoy each other's company :)
Making it into a party is just a bonus :)

I had such a great time decorating for it, making the giant tissue flowers and the treat bags
Most of the Halloween displays were up anyway, but I did have to get the craft/pool table party ready ;)
Oh yeah, can't forget the photo staging area.

Here is one of my areas downstairs that I love to decorate for each season.
The banner is from a Banner Swap that Gale (The Happy Stamper) held many years ago.
The art in the frame, is a paper quilt I made…again, many years ago.
And the ceramic Haunted House I painted over 25 years ago…wow, time really does go by quickly.

Here is a closer look at the Haunted House.
It has a tiny light inside, but I have changed it to a battery light. So much easier to put where ever I want it and not have to worry about it being near a plug in.
The Witch on the pool table, is ceramic and hand painted by me many years ago as well.

We used to have fish in this aquarium, but not for a very long time now, so I just use this area for another place I get to decorate.
I was going to put heads inside of the aquarium, but none of my friends watch The Walking Dead, so the humour would have been lost on them ;)
All the wooden pieces, I cut and painted years ago.
See the theme here, lol. I think I need some new decor ;)

Look, even Marilyn got spookified ;)

Besides decorating for a party, we all know we need some yummy treats :)
I supplied the cupcakes..thank you Safeway ;)
I added these fun skull toppers that I picked up on one of my recent travels to a dollar store.

We all know we need some salt with our sweets.
And what is a few centipedes mixed in.
A few of the ladies also brought some goodies, we had homemade sloppy joes, chocolate cake, taco dip and artichoke dip…yummy.

The very best thing though is friends.
And I am lucky to have some wonderful, creative and caring friends :)

My friend Lynne wanted to dress up.
So some of us did.
We had a cool Santa, a tutu cutie and a spider hat witch.
I was a slave to my craft, as I wore a chain with crafting supplies attached and a tag that pointed out my love of supplies ;)

And of course we had many many laughs.
My friends are hilarious and I am lucky to have them in my life.

Before everyone got here, I did a quick video of my set up and decor :)
If you would rather watch the video on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"I hope you all had a very Creative Saturday :)
I even completed 3 more pages today….well, almost 3 pages ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Fun decorations and I have no doubt you all had a fab time, Tracy!

  2. Awesome decorations!! Looks like you all had a great time

  3. Wow!!! That is so awesome Tracy!!! Glad you had fun and you're right - looks like a an awesome group of friends to be grateful for :)

  4. Very creative decorating, love the popcorn. I so wish I had a group I could get together with to craft. You did my kind of baking. Love the crepe flowers. and great pictures of you and your friends.

  5. So much fun!! I love all the decorations and detail you put into your crop :) what lucky friends you have!!

  6. Looks as if you had a fabulous Saturday with friends and crafting. TFS and have a great day.

  7. Looks like a fun time together.

  8. Great declarations! Love the fish tank and creepy crawlers in the popcorn. Looks like it was a fun time.

  9. Love your decorations esp the little house. Looks like a fun time! I am so envious of that built-in aquarium. That is always something I wanted.


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