Sunday, December 7, 2014

Home with some more goodies to Share

We took a couple of photos of the girls in front of one of the huge Christmas trees in Mall of America.
I wish I brought a better camera, as I only had my cell phone…but no matter, my girls still look great ;)
I have a good photo of Wayne and I in front of this tree, but he didn't want me to post it…big baby.

As I had mentioned in yesterday's post, we went to Ikea, and I found some crafty goodies.
Yes that is some decorative tape. I must have read the tag wrong, as it was twice as much as I thought it was. Didn't notice until later on.
A couple of these inserts for my roskog cart….still thinking about organizing…now to just get my butt in gear ;)

I also found these fun paper clips from there. They came in those round jars you see in the case.
Enough to share with a few friends :)

I went into Typo…that is such a fun/cute store.
Just a tip though….if you go in there, bring your cheater glasses to see the prices. They are so tiny and mistakes can be made, lol.
I thought these little sticker sheets were fun. They will be great for my planner.
I THOUGHT the price was $6.99 for each tin.
More then I would have liked to have paid, but they come in a cute tin and they were fun.
Plus when I am on a trip, I purchase things I normally wouldn't if I was at home.
When I went to pay, I thought, what the heck..this is so not correct.
Got my glasses out of my purse (after the fact) and saw that the price was actually $9.99 for each tin.
I would not have paid that at all, but since I had already, figured I might as well keep them ;)

I picked up this cute leather bound tiny note book at Marshals.
I needed a tiny note book to jot some ideas in while Wayne and I had a sit down at B&N.
I like that it is small enough for my purse and it has grid paper :)
It also has this elastic closure to keep it secure while it is in my purse.
I always need paper and a pen with me :)

On the way home this morning, we stopped at Pine City Scrapbooking.
I picked up a couple of creative goodies.
I like this film strip. I have some plan film strip, but this one has images in the film…though that would be fun to use on a project :)

That is it for me tonight.
Early to bed.
Not sure how early it will be for Heather and Kristy, Luna had missed us and won't leave them alone ;)

Hope you all had a Creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. your daughters look awesome!!!
    you always find such fun things!

  2. Cute picture of your daughters!! Looks like you got a lot of awesome goodies!

  3. What a great picture of the girls :) too bad Wayne wouldn't let you post his pic ;). I didn't realize they had inserts for the Raksog cart!! That makes me want one even more!! (Even though I don't really have the space or need for one...) I love your voted on a wire stamp, so cute!

  4. Pretty photo of your girls, Tracy! Hope everyone had fun shopping! :)

  5. Pretty photo of your girls and I love your shopping:D


  6. Ahhh nice photo of them! I have those Ikea inserts and I find them handy! Jealous of all those crafty goodies ;)

  7. What a beautiful picture in front of the tree!! And more fun goodies to play with!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. What a great picture of the girls!

    I love seeing all of your shopping goodies. Especially the things from Ikea (I love that store!) and the Stickers in a Tin! They are too adorable!

    But I hate when something is more expensive than I thought - it always bums me out. Last week, I bought coffee and the cashier had me so frazzled and wanting to get out of the store I forgot to use my coupon. I'm still upset about the $3! Its been a week, I need to get over it!

  9. Great picture of the girls and lots of nice goodies.


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