Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 Tag

Good thing we have an extra day this year...or I wouldn't have completed my February tag for Tim Holtz "12 Tags of 2016"...and I want to complete them all this year.
Here is how my tag turned different from Tim's...and so different from what I started with.

Tim is revisiting past techniques this year.
Funny thing is the techniques he has been sharing so far, have been ones I have not done before, as I missed a year here and there.
The one technique I thought was interesting was to use distress stain and ink up your stencil, then flip the stencil on the tag to transfer the ink to the tag.
I do not like how mine turned out...but no worries, I will save this tag for another month, October maybe since it looks like blood splatter, lol.

So I went a whole different route.
I also thought his technique to sprinkle embossing powder to embossing paste was a pretty cool idea as lets see how this one turned out, lol.
I didn't want to fill in all of the hearts with embossing paste, so used sticky notes to mask them off.

To be able to see my exact placement, I held it up to the light....looks pretty good to me :)

They turned out nice a crisp..perfect!

Now when Tim Holtz warns you about what NOT to do during a advice, Listen, lol
I have done this many times and many times I get the same result, why....because I am impatient, lol.
I was to sprinkle the embossing powder to the embossing paste and let air dry...not dry it with my heat gun.
But being the rebel that I am thought...what the heck, whatever happens happens.
Yup, the embossing paste bubbled, lol.
Which I am fine with, now I have puffy gold hearts.

As much as I like the crisp gold on the black, I thought it was a bit plain, even when I added my other elements.
So I decided to use some white ink to stamp some text.

Then I forgot to take photos of the rest of the process, lol.
So here are some close ups of the completed tag.

This here may be my favourite part of the tag.
Love all of these metal embellishments.
The game piece spinner and screw thingy are from Tim Holtz, not sure where I picked up the heart locket, but isn't it so pretty :)

One last look at my tag for this month.

I didn't do a video for this tag as I have a pretty nasty cold.
I didn't think listening to me cough, sniffle and sneeze would make for a good video, lol.

I hope you were all creative today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your tag turned out great, Tracy, I really like the texture your gold hearts ended up with! Hope you're feeling better soon! xo

  2. Love your tag, thanks for the "how I did it" I really wanted to do the tags this year but never enough time. Feel better soon.

  3. very neat techniques you used. hope this made you feel better, too.


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