Monday, February 22, 2016

Scrap 4 Heart Crop

Never a dull moment when we are all together :)
This years theme for the crop was Tropical....and my friends like to take it to the next level...and we did, lol.
How cute are these aprons...I mean our bod's, teehee.
We started with the shenanigans in the early morning....I guess the girls like my coconuts ;)

Here I am trying my selfie stick again...I can never find the button on this thing.
Here is my good friend Debbie and I.

Look at these kissy lips, lol.
They were chocolates, but we can play with our food...right, lol
This is my friend Denise and Lynne :) it is time to get to work....but don't worry, we still had a lot of laughs :)
Awwww....time to pack up and say good-bye :(
Time sure flies when your having fun.
I have been going to this event for 6 years now.
I have gone when it was my husbands birthday, or on our Anniversary...but this year it was a little later in the month, so I didn't miss anything :)
As much as I love going to this event, as it is special to me as the Heart & Stroke foundation puts it on...this year it wasn't up to par with the past years.
Some of the ladies I had chatted with, were very disappointed with it this year and are having second thoughts on going next year.
We only have 3 crops here in my city a year (besides the ones I put on) and I want to support them so they will keep putting them on.

I will be going again next year, as well as all of my matter where we are, we always have a great time :)

I hope you all have a very Creative Day.

Tracy :)


  1. I wondered what you had been up to and a crop sounds like a great idea. We have nothing here in our small city we don't even have a craft/scrap store left. I am sure you had fun and look forward to seeing what you accomplished.

  2. OMG!!! I love the aprons!! Looks like you all had a ball.

  3. Glad you had a fun time, Tracy, can't wait to see what you made!

  4. Looks as if you had a lot of fun! TFS

  5. It looks like so much fun with your friends!! Those aprons are hilarious!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. How fun! I think I heard the giggles and joy coming from the pics. :)

  7. Looks like lots of nonsense went on there - what fun for you all.

  8. I love the aprons!!! You know you will always have fun with that group :) I wonder what it was about this year that was different. Maybe it's something they can make suggestions to the people who put it on.


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