Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mini "Love" card

I went down into my craft room to make a few Valentines cards for my family.
But after looking in my card stash…I see I have more than enough for this year.
And with my goal to send the cards that I already have, I didn't need to make any.

When I make my cards, I usually make them 5.5x5.5, which leaves me with a 3x11 piece of card stock left over from my base, perfect for a 3x3 card.
I made this card awhile ago but it needed a little something.
So I used my new Teresa Collin's "Love" punch, to spruce my card up a bit.
I punched "Love" 3 times and layered them for a thick-chipboard look to it and then adhered it on my card.
These small 3x3 cards are so fun to make….and a perfect way to use up some of those tiny scraps :)
My oldest daughter Ashley has a love with journals, notebooks and her new love of planners, just like me :)
She sent me a link to a mint coloured KikiK with gold details.
Ashley was trying to figure out a way to justify purchasing this planner ;)
I had asked her at Christmas if she would use a planner, and she didn't think she would.
She really likes how I decorate my planner pages and my fauxbonichi, but she said her note book for work is functional, but boring.
I told her we couldn't have that, and to bring it over next time she comes over.
Which was tonight ;)

She writes a lot in her book for work, so I needed to keep the writing area clear.
So I used washi tape to decorate the top of each page.

Isn't this such pretty washi :)

I also did a bit of stamping.
Because the ink shadowed through to the next page, I would add washi on the next 2 pages.
I hope this makes her smile when she opens this book in the morning at work.

Our cat Luna loves to be around us, especially when we are in the kitchen.
When we are in the kitchen, she is either at her food dish, on a chair pawing at us as we walk by, or on the top of the cupboards watching us eat our dinner.
But tonight, she enjoyed watching Heather wash the dishes, teehee, she is so cute.

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday.

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful card! And our cat does the same thing...lol

  2. Aahh, my favorite punch :) I love that you stacked it three times! Great idea! Of course Ashley loves planners and notebooks, isn't she just like you? (I didn't want to use the A word lol) Luna is too funny.

  3. What a sweet card, Tracy, love the look of the stacked punched shape!

  4. I "love" the card and fab that Ashley wanted her journal decorated too! LOL! at the cat :-) TFS

  5. Your card is so gorgeous!! I love the love punch!! And you decorated Ashley's journal beautifully!! What an adorable picture of Luna - how sweet!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Very cute card. Thanks for sharing such an adorable photo of Luna. Looks like she brings your family lots of joy.

  7. Pretty card! I will have to try that with some of my punches from you :)

  8. Super cute mini Valentine and great decorating of the planner and lastly the super cute picture of Luna.

  9. Pretty card, Tracy. I like how you layered the love word.
    Hope Ashley likes her pages too!

  10. Such a pretty card and beautiful work on the journal! The little strips of washi are just what the pages need to keep them clean and simple.

  11. Hi sweetie, this is simply gorgeous, love your creation today, hugs Pops x

  12. Love that Teresa Collins punch :)
    And that butterfly washi tape!!!!


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