Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pen love.

When I was writing in my Fauxbonichi yesterday, I used a few different pens.
A couple of them would skip. 
The pens would write nicely on a index card, but not on the smooth paper in my journal.
So I went and found my fountain pen I purchased when I was in grade 5…so about 35+ yrs ago.
I also had an ink cartridge (not from 35 yrs ago, maybe 20).
So I have used it in my Fauxbonichi and it writes so nicely….until I dropped it and got some ink splotches on my paper.

Ashley has wanted us to bring Luna over to her house so Luna could meet Sebastian.
Lets just say, Luna is a domineering little girl.
At first it looked good, they even got nose to nose checking each other out.
Then we heard some hissing, it was from Luna.
We even heard her growl a few times.
Sebastian would just make his quiet "talking" noises.
Funny thing is, they never left each others sides. They were very curious of each other.
But Luna has never been at Ashley's house before, so everything was new to her.

On the drive home, Heather opened Luna's carrier door a tad, so she could pet her.
Luna pushed her way out of her carrier and onto Heather's lap and enjoyed looking out of the window.
I don't like pets loose in a vehicle (one of my pet peeves….see what I did there) so she was put back into her carrier.

I am curious.
I know most of you are stationary lovers, So I was wondering if you have any stationary supplies from 25 yrs ago…if you are even that old, lol. If you do, I would love to know what they are.  I have some writing pads that old, lol.  I sound like a hoarder.
Actually I sound like my dad telling me that his lunch box was older than I was ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Can't help you iut with stationary supplies even though I am older than dirt. Lucky you could even find your fountain pen.

  2. I don't have any of my own old stationery but I have bought some on Etsy. When I was in grade school I always bought those "postalettes" and I was delighted to find some on Etsy in the SAME EXACT syles I used as a 10 year old. Squee!!!

  3. You are lucky that Luna is a good traveler. A few months ago I used up a stash of paper from the mid-90's I remember buying for a project then. I have a couple of Cross pens that are pretty old. I think I got one of them as a 5 year gift from the company I worked for out of college. Let's see that would make it... well, more than 25 years old is close enough :-)

  4. Finding the right pen is always a struggle! I don't have any supplies that old, though I certainly could. :)

  5. Doesn't Wayne have a fancy pen he bought with his journal? Maybe you could sneak it from him ;) Too funny about the kitties! Maybe next time Sebastian could come over to your house :) I have some paper pads from about 20 years ago,from college. I bet all of my other stationary is at mom and dad's.

  6. Who knows what I have, I am a hoarder. Super cute pictures of the two kitties, my cat Spook rides on my lap when we go to the cottage in the summer. She is over 17 years old and gets car sick along with all the noise if she is in a carrier.

  7. Wow, how awesome that you were able to find your fountain pen!! I don't have any stationary items, or if I do, I have absolutely no idea where to start looking for it!! Luna looks adorable watching out the window!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Your fountain pen was such an awesome find and to be able to use it decades later must have brought back so many memories. :) My husband makes and sells writing instruments, so I'm always testing out one thing or another for him. As a kid, I loved going to the stationery store and buying all sorts of papers and card sets. I don't have any of them any more, but I do have papers I bought many years back that I still have some of. :)

  9. OK, here goes. I have a stapler I bought when I was 14 and still use it to this day in my craft room so thats .... years old :-) I have an old furry pencil case, that was a school time use and I have my old colouring pencils in that. I just couldn't bear to throw something our that is still usable. I probably have some other hidden treasures around else where too :-) Love that Luna got to meet Sebastian. TFS

  10. I have some pretty notecards that my husband brought back from Japan that I haven't used yet, they are between 15 and 20 years old, I think. My favorite pen of the moment is the Sharpie pen in pretty blue.

  11. I have pattern paper that old I'm And I am with you about the animals being loose in the car!

  12. I so want to try a fountain pen.

    I loved having my cat out in the car. He just sat in my lap and looked out. It was sooo cute.


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