Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Owl Spins.....

Yeah, I got to create today.
I made 3 cards but am only going to show you one of them, or it would be to picture heavy.

Remember the owl I made yesterday? Well here is why I bought the punch.
I wanted to make some spinner cards with it, for Card Cupids.
I love spinner cards they are so fun. I figured the kids that receive them would enjoy playing with them.
So here is my first card. I made this all with scraps, even the card base is from my scrap pile. Yeah I have a big pile of papers.
I put together a collage of pictures to show you how the spinner card looks in action. The owl just spins back and forth.
If you want to try one of these spinner cards I made a tutorial on my YouTube channel.
A simple sentiment :)The inside of my card, my underwear shot, lol.
I need some help on the inside sentiment (not that you guys were any help with the last one, lol).
On a frog card, I wrote "hopping by to say HI". On a butterfly card I wrote "Fluttering by to say HI".
I have no idea on what to write on this one. Maybe it will come to me tomorrow......or tonight in my dreams :) Kristy made her pretzels again today. Her sister Ashley and Ashley's boyfriend Tyler formed the dough to make Kristy's name. How sweet.
As for those asking where Kristy gets her baking skills from, as I don't like to cook. I know you may be surprised but I do enjoy baking. I think it's because I love sweets :) Wayne wanted Kristy to use the Kitchen Aid mixer that he bought me one year, to kneed the dough. Well she didn't want to use it. So he did a batch of his own.
He called me upstairs to take pictures of his pretzel's, lol.
I was frustrated creating today, as I wanted to watch Super Natural while I was in my scrap/craft room. So popped it into my laptop watched it for about 25 minutes and then it froze. Keep trying it, but still didn't work. So got hubby's old laptop and tried again... yup froze again. Grrrr. I usually don't watch anything while I create in there.
Finally I had to skip it a bit, then it went again. After I watched "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "9".
I keep wanting to catch up on my YouTube video watching, but I can't seem to do that, as I want to pay better attention to the video's. I can watch movies though.

Hope you got to create today, and have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Love your spinner cards! I still haven't tried making one yet, I'll get to it eventually :0) Here are a couple of owl sentiments I have found...
    You're such a hoot!
    Owl be thinking of you!
    Hope Owl's well!
    Love your card, it's too cute! And the pretzels look yummy!!!!

  2. Such an adorable card -
    I am going to go check out your tutorial right now! :o)

  3. P.S. I just returned from watching your tutorial on YouTube. How fun! You did a wonderful job demonstrating and explaining how to make these fun little cards, and now I can't wait to give it a whirl myself! (excuse the pun LOL) :o)

  4. Just a short holler to my favorite hoot! LOL
    Sorry I can't ever think of something like this when you put me on the spot. Deer in the headlights. LOL
    Love this and what a great way to use scraps.
    I need to do some of that too. My gosh so many scraps.
    I haven't tried one of the these cards either but sure want to.
    Thanks again sweetie for the mad skills.

  5. Okay you like to bake? Okay wasn't expecting that. Hubby likes to cook though you can tell. He wanted to show his mad skills too huh? LOL They look yummy and you can stop showing me them. Ya killing me.;)

  6. The spinner is brilliant! I have to try that on a card.

  7. omg!!! i love your spinning owl!!! SO CUTE!!!
    and the pretzels look so YUMMY!!!

  8. that cards is just way tooooo cute! love it!

  9. How about "have a hoot of a day" :-)

    The spinner card is great

  10. I love your spinner cards Tracy, the owl is super cute.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. Wow! another spinner, I have had a few people ask about the one I made and I point them to your utube video.... it's the best spinner I ever made from watching it... well the only one that worked, when I get my owl punch I'm gonna make another. tfs x and "tweet a whoo, to you" is my suggestion

  12. Really cute card! I have an owl stamp set that says "Whooo loves you?" You could go with "We Owl are thinking of you."

  13. mmm i actually wanted to make pretzels.. i shall do this sometime...

    :) i love the owl card.. its too cute

  14. The owl spinner card is really cute! Great for kid's cards!

    Then, you keep tempting us with those yummy looking pretzels...I'm gonna have to go bake something just to satisfy my sweet tooth now! I don't typically make much with yeast, but I LOVE to eat things made with it!

  15. That owl is too cute, and to make him into a spinner card - genius! (I wouldn't mind a pretzel, either)

  16. wonderful card...I´ll check the tute. Thanks!!!

    I M going to try to make the card for my Hooter he sick.. This will make him HAPPY!!! THANK YOU!!!

  18. Ok, this is freaky....i have way too much scrap paper too, and i hate cooking but love to bake....WOW do all crafters have this problem, i thought it was only me, and to top it off i never know what sentiment to use either....:):):)
    How's the copic coloring going...

  19. I got it made HUBBIE LOVED IT!! Your instructions were GreaT!! Thank U so much for bringing a little sunshine into my little hubbbies day.:O)

  20. Oh that spinner card is just CRAFTASTIC!!!! Love it!!! Your use of googly eyes is just too much fun!

  21. I was wondering what you were going to use that owl for! It turned out so cute! Those pretzels still look yummy!

  22. Super cute card! I really really wanted that punch, but decided at the last minute to get watercolor crayons instead. Your projects are SO cute!!! I love them!


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