Friday, March 18, 2011

Owl's and Pretzels

Friday Scrap booking Night :)
I got caught up on my Project 365. I was 2 weeks behind. I don't want to let that happen again. Once I got going I was on a roll, but I have to keep up with it.
Sharon was shocked at all the treasure's I bought in the States.
Well actually so was I once I started showing her everything.

Not only did I get caught up on my Project 365, I also had a bit of fun with one of my new punches. I bought this owl punch with the intent on making some fun cards for Cards for Cupids. So I was playing around with it tonight.
Aren't they cute? I don't like how the penguin's head isn't very smooth. I have to fix that on the next one.
I didn't feel like going through my orange scraps for the penguin's beak and feet so I just punched it in white and coloured it with my markers...lazy eh?
I put google eyes on these guys. I have so many of them from my past crafts. I can't even remember what I made with them? But I sure have a lot of them and in different sizes.

Onto My Day:
I had to run around for company business today.
Then I took Ashley, Heather and Kristy out for lunch to Montana's. Its the last day of Kristy's March Break, so I wanted to give her a treat. And I am one of those annoying mother's where everything has to be fair so they all got to come :)
Ohhhh I forgot I have leftover's in the fridge, yumm.

Just curious, do they have a Montana's in Montana? My girls have often wondered about that. And if there is one, they say they want to go there when we go, lol.

Kristy is taking Foods in school. She loves to bake. Her teacher suggested that she go to culinary school after high school.
So tonight she made soft pretzels for us all. They were so good. She sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the top. YUMMY. That is about all for my tonight.
I am planning (hoping) to create all weekend long. I have quite a few projects I need to get working on.

Till tomorrow, hope you got to create today.



  1. Cinnamon on pretzels? I've never heard of that before but it sounds yummy! And those birdies are too cute. I would've never known you colored the penguin's beak if you didn't tell. :)

  2. Super cute owls! Those cinnamon pretzels look so good. Pass the plate, please. ;)

  3. I love the Penguin and will be making these for sure..........when we finally get that punch over here! April 1st so it's not so long eh? that Pretzel looks yummy, hope you get lots of crafting in this weekend

  4. those are just the cutes cards! i love them both!!!! kids will love them

    the pretzels look soooo good-have a great weekend

  5. Does she take orders? lol my fav love those punches mm think i will get some for myself. lol have great scrapy weekend. I'm hoping to get in my room if my thumb not too sore.

  6. Tracy,
    These critters are adorable. I love them. Those pretzels look yummy too

  7. OMG!!! This pretzel looks delicious!!!! I love your owl!!!
    Have a nice creative weekend!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  8. I love that you altered the owl to create a little penguin too! It's always best to get more bang for your scrappy bucks however you can!

    I have to say that I love fresh, soft pretzels & with cinnamon & sugar is my favorite, unless they're drizzled with chocolate! ;-)

  9. Happy creating this weekend, Tracy. Glad you got caught up on Project 365. And those bird cards are so cute!

    No Montanas out here in Montana. The closest one is in Lethbridge! And that is 3 hours away from us.

    I made those hot cross buns the other day and immediately misplaced the recipe. So, I quickly wrote down all the ingrediants I could remember. I have had that recipe since before I was married. I believe it was originally a recipe from Cdn. living.

  10. ohhh those owls are so darn cute, and the pretzels look delish, wish we had pretzels, gee I want to live in Canada or the US hehehehe.
    Should be cardmaking but its late and the old eyes are not working well so had to stop, hope you have a productive craft week end.

  11. Love the owls! Those pretzels looks delicious!

  12. LOve anything with OWLS my Hubbie's name is Hoot..:O)
    WOuld love the recipie too U made me so hungry I almost fainted..
    Tell her that is THE Prettiest UMMIE I ever SEED!!!..:O)

  13. Those pretzels look so good!!! Love your penguin and owl, very cute!

  14. I think those birds want pretzels - look at their eyes! I know I do, those look yummy!

  15. That owl and penguin are adorable! Love the google eyes! Kristy's pretzels look delicious! She must get her cooking finesse from Wayne huh? :) Glad you got caught up on 365!

  16. These are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
    Love them.

  17. Tracy,
    Or should I just call you C.C. from now on? LOL
    The birds are wonderful and so very clever of you to see a penguin out of that punch. Smart girl.
    I love how you cheated with markers;) I would have been so fussy and cut it all. LOL You can't tell yours are done with markers, so good for you. I got my other( part) of my stampin up order today. Still some stuff on back order:p I want some play time. Updating with another card tonight.
    Yummy, I think I need to come for a visit. Pretzels are one of my favorite foods. Katie says if the military doesn't take her for some reason( like they aren't taking anyone right now :( ) then she will go to culinary school. Which will be very bad for my figure.
    Hope you have a creative weekend.
    Good for you being caught up on projects. Wish I was. I know be patient.

  18. Tracy....those cards are soooooooo cute!!!
    I'm very glad you came to know my blog!
    I want to thank you immensely for his comments and say this made ​​me very flattered.
    I am always visiting your blog, now that I know the way, ever come back.
    Hugs from Brail

  19. oooh I love those punches,so cute!! the pretzels look yummy!

  20. Super cute critters from your punch! One word on the pretzels...YUM!!!!

  21. Hi Tracy,
    To get a smooth edge around where you have cut the ears on your penguin, rub it with an emery board, just any you would do your nails with but not a metal one. Just gently file the edges smooth.
    They are gorgeous, and will make gorgeous card toppers.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  22. they ARE adorable...and that pretzel looks delish!!!


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