Monday, March 21, 2011

A Pretty In Pink Card.

Another week day.
Monday's come to quick. I wish the weekends would last longer, you know maybe a few more hours in the day would be nice.
Well here is one of the cards I made during the weekend.
I made it for one of my dear friends from my blog. She is having surgery and I'm hoping this will perk her up.

I wanted to make a girly card for her, as she has only males in her household.
I coloured this little cutie with my new Copics, then popped it up with two way foam tape.
I am really enoying colouring images with my Copics and my Stampn' Up markers. Here are some of my punched flowers that I formed. Like I said before, because this is getting mailed away, it can't get bulky.
I stamped the sentiment and then embossed it. I wanted the words so pop out more, so I colouring them in with my Copic's.
Here is the inside of my card. Yup used the recipe card trick on this one too.
Onto My Day:

I had a doctors appointment. I have had sore knees for about 15 yrs. But they have got much worse over the years. So I asked about that. He figures that it could be due to one of my other health problems. Oh joy.
But he did send me for xray's and blood work.

Oh funny (or sad) story. When I was waiting to go in for my xray. There was an inmate with 2 guards waiting as well
Inmate: I'm in at the hospital?.....Guard: No your at a clinic.......Inmate: Why am I here?......Guard: for xrays, didn't anyone tell you?....Inmate: No, I thought I was going to the courthouse. LOL.

I kind of felt bad for the guy. Either he was on something, or they brought the wrong guy in, lol.

I picked up our income tax from the accountant. When I parked, I kinda rubbed the rock planter they had in the parking lot. They should remove that thing, its ugly and gets in the way, teehee. I checked the jeep, you could hardly see anything, just a rub. But my tracker, private investagator hubby will eventually notice.
Some times when he would come home from work, he would ask me, Oh I see Julia was here?
How did you know? I would ask.
His reply.... I saw her tracks. Yup he's a hunter, lol.

Kristy and I went grocery shopping.
Then I got caught up on my fellow YouTuber's channel's.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.



  1. You have been creating some cute cards. Me, I worked a 12 hour shift. Soon I will be crashing. Not sure what is up tomorrow. I am scheduled to work, but it is my turn to either float somewhere I don't want to be or stay at home. We are in a winter storm watch with 6-12 in. of snow predicted on the plains and more in the mountains. We just got our snow melted and now more. I wish winter would just get over itself.

  2. Cute Card Tracy. Very nice for a girl with all guys.
    Yeah me too, I wish that the weekend had a few more daylight hours and nicer tempts would be nice. I need to get to sanding and too durn cold/wet. I guess I get to stay a puddlejumper. LOL
    Can't wait to play with some of my new stuff. Simply no time late. Hopefully one day this week.

  3. your card is just adorable. i love the heart punch--just perfect

  4. Love your card, you are rocking the coloring! Your images look amazing! I LOVE the sentiment too and how you embossed it! Lol about rubbing the planter! I did that to the lawn mower once...When Mike asked me why I bumped it I said, you left it in my way. :)

  5. Adorable card! I love the heart punch border.

  6. Pretty card with great coloring! I love pink!!! (In case you didn't knew. ;D LOL!)

  7. Love your card. Great job with the copics! I love the heart border.

  8. Great card, Tracy - I'm sure she will love it!

  9. What a great card!! I love it!!

  10. I love your have inspired me to break out my alcohol ink pens (I have Prisma Colors instead of Copics) and get to playing...maybe later this week I will post some of my trial and errors on my blog...keep up your great work!

  11. Tracy,
    I love your card, it turned out fantastic. Hope your friend heals well.

  12. I like that pretty heart border. Sure your friend will love it!

  13. Your card is gorgeous, girl! I'm LOVING that you're loving coloring!!!! I hope I'm a little responsible for that. ;)

    Your hubby...too can't pull the wool over his eyes, huh?

    Hope everything is ok with the knees!

  14. Very cute card! I love your coloring, and the punching! I know your friend loved it...hope all went well with her surgery! Hope you're feeling ok as well...hope you have a nice "slow" weekend!


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