Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Penguin is going down....

I have another slider card to share with you.
I thought I would try something different. Instead of the penguin going across the card I thought I would have the him/her slide DOWN the hill. Teehee. I used the scallop oval punch for the cloud and then used the cut out edge to sponge on the blue shadow, of the cloud.
Underwear shot :) Here is the inside of my card, I punched out the snowflakes then popped them up with foam tape.
Here is how the cute little Penguin slides (well actually flips, lol) down the hill.
Onto My Day:
I woke up to some snow...again.
I was so excited to see some grass yesterday. Not much, but it was one step closer to Spring.
But then it started to snow and my little patch of grass was getting covered :( I guess you can't really tell by this photo, but it was really snowing quite hard.
Yup, everything is covered in snow.
Will Spring ever come?!? It has been a long, long winterI made another card today. Kristy's birthday card. She is going to be 16 on Thursday. I can't believe it.
I enjoyed my day in my scrap/craft room. I created as I watched Supernatural. Kristy made us soft pretzels for lunch, then hubby made us supper.
Today was a really good day.

I hope your Sunday was a day spent with family and enjoying your day.



  1. oh i am so sorry that it is snowing! spring is going to come soon!

    your card is just way too cute! the kids are going to love them!

  2. Very cute card!!! Love how it's going downhill!!

  3. Tracy,
    sorry to hear it is snowing (yuck), but I love your card. It turned out fantastic

  4. Wow - I can't believe you still have that much SNOW!!!! UGH!!!!

    Your card is gorgeous!! What a cute little critter!

    Pssst...I'd block out the license plate number on the'd be surprised at how much information can be "stolen" online from a photo of a license plate. Just call me cautious....but a Private Investigator once opened my eyes to this...and I was shocked.

  5. neve, doce e trabalhos manuais, combinação perfeita para ficar dentro de casa!
    bj caloroso para derreter a neve!!!

  6. OMG, I'm cracking up at your card! This is too cute!!!! Love it! I"m so sorry about the snow, I hope it leaves soon. Oh, I had one of Ashley's salads today for lunch, only I added the apples and ham instead of chicken. It was so good!!!!

  7. I LOVE the card! Too cute & funny!! And I would NOT be happy seeing that much snow now!! I don't think I would make a very good Canadian...I'm farther north than I care to be as it is. We've been experiencing rain today & I hear some rumblings of thunder at the moment. It's supposed to be 60 on Monday & then only 40 by Thursday & a chance of snow.

    I worked on a card today in hopes of getting it published, but I'm not counting in it since I'm not totally pleased with it. Motivation is a little slow right now.

  8. Cute card! I love penguins.

  9. So sorry it snowed again today. Bummer for you. It was almost 50 degrees today. Spring is here, I got bit by a spider today:(
    Your card is so adorable. I love the down the hill! LOL you are so funny.
    WOW today was a good day. You didn't have to cook two meals. Whoot whoot!
    Have a great week my friend.

  10. LOL! That card is so cute and fun! Let's hope that spring will come soon!

  11. Love him! gorgeous.... I was going to mention the number plate as well.... hubby was 'Old Bill' for 30+ years and it's made me very cautious especially how easy it is to get your details from it..... hope I don't spook you, have a good couple of days I am away until Wednesday..

  12. We're supposed to get more snow this week on Long Island. Enough already!!
    I just love the card. So adorable!!!

  13. Hey, i just watched your video on this today. i'll have to make me some for sure, so much fun. TFS!
    p.s. we have snow here too....crying:(

  14. I love your card. So cute and fun. Sorry to hear about the snow. I am praying we are done until the winter!

  15. Love the penguin card. How cute and creative to make him go down instead of sideways, love it!

  16. I love that little penguin... Love that it's a spinner card. eww on the snow. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Tracy - thanks so much for the lovely card you sent to me :-D ..
    I could not find your email so having to thank you here!

  18. It snowed here too! The kids in my class looked out the window just staring. Nobody cracked a smile! Did I mention they are 5 and 6?

  19. Wow!!!I just loved your litle penguim!!!It's just sweet.
    Sorry to hear about the snow.
    I would like to thank you for visiting my blog again!!!! You are so sweet.
    This made ​​me very happy and also by his words too!!!
    Heartfelt thanks.
    A big hug from your Brazilian friend.
    PS. My blog i's in english just for my new friends!!!

  20. These are really fantastic. So cute and brilliant design.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  21. What a good card for a day like today!! We had snow down here too. Spring, schming. I think Spring has gone on vacation in Boca. LOL! Got your lovely card on Saturday and wanted to make sure to say thanks!!!! It's sitting front and center on my newly Spring themed mantle. :)

  22. No, not snow!! We're getting some, too, which is a bummer because today it was almost 70°.

  23. That card is adorable! My Mom loves penguins so I may have to copy your idea :) I hope you don't mind!!

  24. I'm catching up on your posts, so I hope the snow is slowing down for you. Hopefully, the weather breaks soon! Really fun card--loving the penguin!!

    PS. Thanks for stopping by the blog this week! =D


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