Friday, March 25, 2011

Kristy's BDay Card

Here is Kristy's birthday card I made her.
This is one of the first images I coloured. My Copics bled as I used the first paper I bought, so I fussy cut around the image. And you know how much I love to do intricate she says dripping with sarcasm. One of the reason's I bought this stamp is not only because it is adorable, but I liked the idea that I could stamp sentiments on the banner. Wow I can really notice the colours overlapping in the photo.
A little close up of the embellishments :)
Here is the money shot, lol.
I wanted to show the dimension to this card. The inside of the card. I stamped the tiny flowers on the card stock.
Onto my Day:

I got a bit of a scare today.
Heather and I went out to go to Chapter's. Then we went to A&W to bring lunch home. So I text Ashley asking her what she wanted. She didn't get back to me.
So we get home and wait for Ashley to come home. She comes home from work every day for lunch. Well, she didn't show up. She always takes her lunch at 1:00. I text her again, then again at 2:00.
Now it doesn't take much for my mind to start running away with me. I have always had a vivid imagination.
Finally at 3:00 I phone her work. Whew she answered the phone. She said she has been so busy that she hasn't checked her texts. Plus she skipped lunch to finish some work, so she will just leave work early.
I know I am a worry wart. She is going to be 22 this July, but I will always worry. I won't share the scary thoughts that ran though my mind when she didn't show up for lunch.

As I said, Heather and I went to Chapter's. All the books she chose were 20% off, plus I had a Chapter's card that gave her another 10% off. She picked up 5 books. We are all avid readers in this house.

I ran into my LSS to pick up some paper. I have been getting emails telling me not to use Stampn' Up paper with Copics. I was told...1. This paper is made for water based pens not alcohol based pens. 2. The paper sucks up the ink too much. 3. The coating on the paper can ruin your nibs.

My LSS sells the paper by the single sheets, they are 8.5 x 11 size sheets. One sheet for .49 cents. So I bought one white and one cream. I haven't had time to try them yet. I think they said it was Bella paper, not sure though.

I had Friday Night Scrap booking. I did my week of Project 365. Sharon made 6 Christmas cards. That lady can whip them out. She did them assembly line style.

Hope you were creative today:)



  1. Love this card and am calling for a video on how you did the money slot! LOL I am having withdraws from your videos.LOL

    Love the card and I did a image the other night and it bled through too. So you cant go all the way to the edge. Got it. Good to know about stampin up paper. Thank you.
    Got to go make meat loaf and chili for tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend Tracy.

  2. oh what a beautiful card. i just love the purple. i so rarely make anything purple! great job!

  3. I love your card, it is totally awesome.

    I'm glad to hear that all is well with your daughter and that you merely got exercise :-) "Jumping" to conclusions, "running" scenarios through your head, and "swimming" in near panic.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I know those scary thoughts SO WELL! It is so easy to assume something horrible has happened instead of the mundane.

    We have this running joke in my family. Whenever someone doesn't respond to their phone calls or texts we say, "He's (or she's) probably stranded in a ditch with both hands blown off and can't reach his cell phone."

    I accidentally left my cell phone in the car one day this week and when finally my husband reached me he said, "I thought you were stranded in a ditch with both your hands blown off!"

  5. Oh yeah and SO pretty on the card! I love the dimension shot!

  6. Your card is lovely, and yes, as mother hens we ALWAYS worry about our chicks! :)

  7. Well, if you're going to fussy cut at least it was for a good cause right? :) Love the card, those flowers are so cute! I am the same way with my kids, friends, family etc. I catastrophize WAY too much! Ha!

  8. You have certainly been getting your money's worth out of those Copics!

    And as far as worrying about your daughter, I don't think that we EVER stop worrying about our kids, no matter how smart or how old they are.

  9. Tracy,
    I love your card and I think it turned out great. Being a mom, I don't think we will ever stop worrying.
    Glad she is safe and sound

  10. Cute card! Oh, I'd be worried too if someone in my family disappeared like that for day.

  11. Love the card, so stinking cute! Sometimes I wish I had a daughter to do these cute girly cards for oh well, I love these boys anyway ;0). I do have two nieces and two adorable neighbor girls to do girly with :0) I hear ya on that scare you had. When I wait outside of school and mine don't come out when I think they should my heart races and my mind is off, I hate it. Anxiety isn't fun! Glad to hear you are still going on your P365 :0)

  12. Hi, Tracy! I was wondering what you use for the lined paper on the inside of your cards? It is a stamp? I love how it looks.

    Thanks, Denise


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