Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are you tired of my Images yet?

I coloured again today :)
I am having so much fun with this.
I know it is far from Christmas. But looking outside to the snow in our yard and the temperatures being -5C (but feeling colder), you would think it was here.
Because of the Copic colours I have, there are only certain images I can colour. I tried my new stamp. It really took the ink, almost to much so. From looking at this picture you really can't tell, but the top images were so dark. So I stamped off the page then on the page that my image was going to be coloured on.
Here is that stamp coloured with my Copic markers. Like I said with the limited amount of colours I had to work with, I think it turned out pretty good. I think I may need to order some more Copics ;) What do you think?
The contrast between the highlights and shading didn't show up as much in this picture.
I have a bit of advice for anyone over 40 that wants to colour in images.
1. Colour in the bright light of the day. A lamp causes shadows.
2. Its just ink if you don't like your colouring stamp another image.
3. This is my best advice. Don't forget to wear your cheater glasses, teehee. I know I should get prescription glasses, but... I'm in denial, OK. Onto My Day:

I went to pick up Kristy's birthday cake. All my girls love Dairy Queen ice cream cake for their birthday's. So I figured since I had to go there, I may as well take the girls there for lunch.
I stopped by Michael's for that glue pen...yup, I remembered my coupon :) I also picked up some watercolour paper, as I want to try my hand at colouring with distress inks. I know, I can't master one thing before I start on something new :)
I got caught up on my book work....I didn't say it was an exciting day, lol.

Hope you got to create today.



  1. Looks great!! should get more copics!! :)

  2. What beautiful images :)Check my blog, I have an award for you TFS

  3. Tracy,
    I love the images and the coloring is fantastic.
    It really brings them to life.
    I am need to get me some markers

  4. i really like the birds nest one

  5. LOL about the good light and the cheaters - so very true!

    I never tire of your images - please do keeping coloring them and posting them, because they're wonderful!

  6. Ooooh, those images are too cute!! You're a coloring pro now! :)

  7. oh yeah, i have to wear my readers when i color too. once again great coloring!

  8. I wear contact lenses and still sometimes have to get a pair of specs to see in electric lighting, I invested in one of the daylight lamps and it has a magnifying glass and great for crafting

  9. the eggs look so good. I bought a pack today of more copics. Got a 12 pack with a case and a pad of bleed free paper so am off to have a play,and they were on special (we dont have coupon stores ) love them! and can never have too many

  10. The images turned out great! I love #2 of your advice, so true.

  11. I love these! They look so awesome!!!! Sounds to me like you have already made your decision to buy more markers...haha! Mmm, DQ ice cream cakes are the best!

  12. They are beautiful! I love the bird nest especially. (My husband buys his glasses at the dollar store in bulk because he is always losing them.)

  13. Your coloring is great! Jeremy loves Dairy Queen ice cream cakes also, they are yummy! As far as the copics go...order away, you only live once right? Make it worth it :0)

  14. You are a coloring dynamo! :) Love your tips. And it looks like you'll be ahead of the game when Christmas rolls around next year.... Love the nest stamp. That one did turn out really good.

  15. You are rocking the coloring :) When are we going to get some sun! I am tired of the cold weather already! Happy Bday to your daughter :)

  16. You are dirty, just plain dirty. I've been putting off the coloring since it has never been something I've enjoyed. Even as a child :-(

    Now that I see the stunningly beautiful butterfly and birds nest image you made I'm inching further into thinking about coloring. Dirty, just plain dirty!

  17. Love the stamps you used and your coloring is great. Happy Birthday to Kristy!

  18. Love your coloring. I think you should go ahead and buy more copics, why not?

  19. love the birds nest it is quite cute ans the markers make it come to life. Wish i had more copics.

  20. Ooooh, those images are too cute!!
    I love the birds nest iti is so sweet..
    You're a coloring pro now!
    Thanks for coming to my blog..I just love to make friends and for sure and I will came evriday..I just love evrything in her!!
    Hugs from Brazil
    I just love to see you in my blog..make me very happy!!

  21. Your images are great! Love the coloring. Oh and coloring in the daylight?...yes I'm there, been there actually for quite a number of years! Still wearing "cheaters" at 56. Tried the prescription thing-oh no! made me so sick to look through them. I only need to see to read or do close up work! I miss DQ-I have to drive at good 35 minutes to get something cold and frosty from them!!!

  22. Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the christmas image! I am a HUGE lover of christmas so I think it can be any time of year :) Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your copics!

  23. Hi Tracy
    I love the birds nest, it's a gorgeous image and you've coloured it beautifully.
    Have fun with the distress inks.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  24. Tracy, tire of you? Not possible!
    Okay cheaters? I wish, I had to get the real ones:( I had to get the real ones and I was in denial as well. I hate them but love my eye sight and that is worth giving up on some of my vanity. LOL

    Your images are beautiful and I love coloring with the distress inks. It looks like water color and actually is in a lot of ways. LOL
    Have fun!


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