Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy day take 2

Today has been another crazy busy day.

During my travels, I came across this.....
Isn't this snowman huge. I am just imagining some children, shoulder on shoulder trying to stack the snow balls, lol. Onto My Day:

Ashley stayed home from work...well actually the ladies in the office told her to stay home. She is battling a real bad cold and throat infection. When she blows her nose she sounds like an elephant, lol.

I had to bring in my jeep for an oil change. Then had to bring my (Ashley's) jeep in to fix the back drivers window as it keeps going down and we can't get it back up. Last night when she came home she couldn't open or close that door. So I got it open by reefing on it, then we couldn't close it again as a long rod thing stuck out of the latch. Oh ya I did a number on it, lol. I did manage to shove it back in enough for us to shut the door.
Luckily there was a recall on that part of the door, so we didn't have to pay anything to get it fixed.
Picked up my dad's income tax, and then dropped ours off to get done.
Did some banking.

Funny story, when the mechanic came to get my keys, he asked if I had parked in area "D".
I told him "no".
He said "That's good, I don't like "D's"
I replied. "Your the only guy I know that doesn't like "D's".
I just blurted this out. I didn't even think....good thing the girl behind the counter and him laughed. Could have been awkward. lol.

Sharon came by, we didn't do to much creating, but we sure chatted it up tonight :)
I didn't even work on my Project 465......well I printed up the pictures, so that gets me some points :)

So that was my day. Tomorrow I will be posting from Minneapolis :)
Yeah Achiever's here I come!!!!!

Hope your Friday was a creative one. Hope you weekend is as well.



  1. You are too stinking funny. Lucky you going to Archiever's! I WISH! Well maybe some day. Have a wonderful trip and be sure to share your loot with us.
    We wanna see:D
    Glad that you got Ashley's car fixed for free. It is my favorite word! LOL
    Hugs my friend

  2. lol You're so funny! lol love when something is free even if it for a car. :( Maybe I'll get lucky and getting my car fixed would be free too. lol something is rattling so bad that me a deaf person can hear it. lol have fun at Achiever I wish i have one here.

  3. have fun at Archivers--can't wait to hear what you bought!

    have a great time and weekend!

  4. Tracy,
    You are both a crafter and a comic!! I have to tell my husband about your "D" story.
    Have a great weekend

  5. How funny! It' took me a minute to fully get the D comment (I am blonde!) but now I'm LOL! Totally sound like something I would blurt out. Have fun shopping!

  6. LOL at the D story. That is totally I would have thought of after leaving.

    Have fun at Archivers!!

  7. That snowman is HUGE! Another busy day, hope you get some rest at Archiver's :) We were just in Minneapolis this summer. Too bad we didn't know each other then, we could have had an Archiver's date! My creative time today consisted of working on my stamp indexing. It's turning into quite the job!

  8. Have fun at Archivers!!!! I just visited the one in Utah.
    Came home from work earlier with the stomach flu. Good thing. So according to their rules I am off again tomorrow.


  9. I've never seen a snowman that big, ever :0) Have fun during your trip! Be safe! Hugs :0)

  10. That's one big honkin' snowman! I think someone should attach a couple of large snowballs to the front and turn "him" into a "her" with "D's"!!

    Have fun, girly!


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