Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy day

We had to return some movies to the video store tonight...I didn't want another $20.00 late fee.
On the way back home Kristy wanted to stop off at one of her favourite corner stores.
You may wonder WHY this is her favourite corner store???
Here is the reason.
Slushies, my girls love these slushies.
Kristy wants to own her own store to sell these. She said that they would be the best part of the store. Not to runny or watery, the flavours will be delicious. She would have lights centered around the machines, and cool music playing.....yup she sure thought this through, teehee.
I had a salad for supper. I was on the run all day, then came home and was starving. So I made myself French Toast.
Why is is called that? I will have to look it up, teehee
Went to my Pilate's class tonight.
I was given my membership card.
Now when she gave it to me I had to take a second look.
I thought this was a picture of chocolate, lol. Do I have a problem :)
Onto My Day:
-Drove Kristy and her friend to school.
-Picked up the company mail.
-Company banking. I was going to do my banking and withdraw my American money out of my US account, but they didn't have enough American money. I guess us Canadians are buying it as our dollar is finally higher. Nice to actually get more money when I exchange instead of loosing. Not that that stopped us from going over the border ;)
-Went and bought some travel insurance
-Picked up some office supplies.
-Picked up some TP can't run out of that.
Came home for lunch
-Went back to the bank for my American money. The Brinks truck comes by after lunch the teller told me :)
-Brought in my dad's income tax.
-Picked Kristy, Blake and Allison up from school
-Had parent/teacher interviews
-Went to Pilate's...We had a different teacher. It was a bit more challenging...I liked it, not sure if the other ladies did though :)
I didn't get to create today, ran out of time :)
I hope you got to create today.
Thankful Thursday:
That the teachers are all thankful to have a student like Kristy.
That Kristy takes her education seriously.
That I have a vehicle to drive all over town with :)


  1. Wow! Busy day is an understatement :0) Mine went a little slower. Volunteered in 1st grade, picked Maverick up early again-last day of that, finished the mini I was working on, cooked fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, searched youtube on how to color with my new markers. To answer your question, there doesn't seem to be a flesh color. My thought is to stamp a person image on a flesh colored cardstock and color everything else maybe :0) Sounds like you had a good day :0)

  2. You were one busy bee today. I so remember Mac's milk stores.
    Are you leaving for Montana soon?
    Everything is melting like crazy here.


  3. Wow...I'm worn out just reading about your day! I could go for a slushie right now...yum, ooh or french toast--I am kinda hungry!

    And you're right about men only needing a couple drawers...actually my guy said that as long as I made room for him in my bed, then he would be a happy camper and he didn't care about anything else!!! MEN!!! ;)

  4. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Oh I am so jealous right now. Slushies are my favorite thing! What flavors was that one? I have to know? Lime is my favorite flavor.
    WOW you were a busy girl. You must be going to Montana soon. I wish I was going and we could meet up. maybe some day.
    Hope you have a good drive.Be careful It can be nasty this time of year. My thoughts will be with you.

  5. Oh, I get tired just by looking at all you did in one day. I'm so impressed. You must be Super Woman! :)

  6. wow what a day. i sometimes love days like this because you feel like you accomplished so much! hopefully you can take it easy today! have a great friday crop and have a great weekend!

  7. You did have a busy day! Hope you get to do something creative today. Now I'm craving chocolate, slushies and french toast! :)

  8. You are such a busy bee :)

    And now I want a slushy with some french toast :-) I can see why your daughter loves them as that slushy looks so good!! I hate when they are too watery!!

  9. Tracy,
    You really did have a busy day, hope you can catch some rest over the weekend. I also love french toast. Yummy

  10. WOW!!! I am exhausted just from reading your list. You sure did pack a lot in to your day.

  11. Busy, alright! I miss Mac's! We don't have any of those around here. Do they still have Becker's stores up there in Ontario, too?

  12. me and kristy would get along so well. :)


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