Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming Home.

Today was spent in the jeep.
A long drive home. I did get to sleep during the drive though :)
Good thing because last night was a bad sleep night. Hubby snored, so I snuck in the girls hotel room (we had an adjoining room). Then he snored so loud, I thought they were going to kick us out of the hotel. I could hear him from the other room. I had to go back and wake him up.

I said there were no newspapers in front of the other rooms around us, those rooms must have been empty. So thankfully no one was kept awake because of his snoring.
He said the hotel probably red flagged us as "bad snorer", that's why no one was put in any rooms around us, lol.

Here is a cute quilt store. I love this store. Unfortunately they weren't open, Winter hours :(
Lake Superior is so beautiful, cold mind you, but beautiful. It is even cold on the hottest day of summer. We would go swimming in Lake Superior at my SIL's camp and our toes would hurt it was so cold.
Here is one of the tunnels we drive through to go to and from Duluth.
When I was a child my dad would honk while going in a tunnel or under a bridge. I still do this. But my girls added holding your breath while you make a wish.
Luckily neither hubby or I have ever passed out from doing this while driving, teehee. Tonight I am just coming down from my shopping high :) So staying in and watching my shows.

Hope you had a Creative Monday :)



  1. Hi tracy from Derenda in south carolina check out this site call they have copic marker on sell for $3.49 i believe till the end of march. Glad you and your family had a good trip to the states. Love your blog . Keep up the good crafting
    Derenda @

  2. Holy moly, look at all that WHITE STUFF!!! AAACK!!!!!

    Glad to hear you had a fun shopping trip.

    Remind me to never book a hotel room next to Oh wait, I'm hard of hearing. I'd be fine!

  3. Daddy used to do the same thing, honk when we went through the tunnels, good memories to have and good memories to pass forward. So enjoyed your pictures. I live with a snorer too, I'm still laughing it sounds sooooooo familiar! Patti

  4. Oh my gosh. Hope he doesn't have a heart problem. Has he been checked out? Ya know they say that those that snore like that,do. Mom told me that is what Daddy's doc said.
    Poor you and the girls. My hubby and daddy were the same way. Bad!
    Sorry the quilt shoppe was closed. That sucks.
    We always honk in the tunnels. Some tunnels are so long though that there is no way I could hold my breath that long! You can get stuck in traffic in there too!
    Yes, that lake I have heard holds many a treasure( ship wrecks) because no divers will risk the freezing waters to fetch it.
    Shopping high huh? WOW that would be nice. Although I did receive some happy supplies today for that mini I am working on. ;)
    Thanks for the go ahead sweetie.

  5. I have always said the best part of any trip is when I make the last turn for home. I love to go but love to get home. Have fun playing with all your goodies and show us what you do.

  6. Yep... can understand the snoring, Gary is just the same I sometimes go in the guest room but can still hear him, then I try the any other room and can still hear him the only room I can't hear him is our dining room! it's the 300 year old room 3feet thick walls but NO bed!!! yuk.... glad you had a good trip and looking forward to seeing what you make. by the way did you ever get those bank envelopes?

  7. glad you had a great trip! love the pictures!

    we also would hold our breathe in tunnels--too fun

  8. Wow....beautiful pictures!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  9. Oh yes, sleeping with my snoring husband in a hotel room can be a night of torture, with no escape. We hold our breath going through tunnels, but I'm not very good at it. We hope to be up around Lake Superior, but waiting until June and some warmer weather.

  10. So glad you m made it home safe! Also glad you had a room to escape to since there was no couch like at home to get away from Wayne's snoring! I might head to Archivers tomorrow, I have a coupon that expires soon and I won't shop there without one, haha! Oh yeah, we did marry a couple of good ones didn't we? Or maybe we should say THEY married a couple of good ones! Lol!

  11. Tracy,
    So happy you had a great trip. Your pictures are beautiful

  12. Pretty pictures. Looks like a great trip. Have fun with your copic markers. They are addicting!

  13. Sounds like my hubby with the
    Your pictures are just beautiful..thanks for sharing.

  14. Glad you are safe at home, Tracy. Looks like you had good weather for the drive from your photos.
    Now you can play with all your new goodies. I can hardly wait to see what you create with them.
    My snorer is on a cpap machine now. Sometimes it makes as much noise has he does.


  15. Good to hear you made it home safely, sounds like you had a great time!

  16. Sounds like a great time, aside from the snoring!

  17. sounds like a good time... Glad your home safe n sound.


  18. Glad you had a good trip.
    Take care
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  19. I'm lucky I'm deaf when I'm asleep. If I wake up in the night I can hear snoring and I might have trouble getting back to sleep. But something else usually has to wake me up first.

    The tunnel is so neat looking!!!! And the honking and breath holding reminds me of my grandfather - he used to tell us to duck our heads under a bridge and lift our feet over railroad tracks - I guess just to keep us amused.

  20. It sounds like you had a great time! I bet you are happy to be home :)

    BTW - I am with your girls on holding their breath and making a wish through a tunnel :) But I love when other people honk through a tunnel :)


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