Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Didn't have to cook tonight ;)

I haven't had too much creative treasures to share with you lately.
So I will show you the punch around the page punch set that I exchanged the other day.
I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I am really itching to.
Onto My Day:
Drove Kristy to school. I told her that I wasn't going to drive her every day like her daddy did when he was off. Well he has been at work for three days and I have drove her every day so far, lol. I am such a toughie eh? Well it has been extremely cold here ;)

I did my book work every second that I was home.
I met my brother, David for a light lunch. I picked up Ashley from her work to join David and I.
We all wanted to go out for dinner tonight as David has to go back to Winnipeg tomorrow morning. So my brother Darrell, his wife (Wayne's sister) Darlene, all 5 of my family and Tyler went out to the Prospector for supper with David. Which was delish as usual.

Funny thing happened. Wayne and Darlene order the same meal but Wayne ordered the bigger cut of meat. It wasn't until they were into the meal that Darlene noticed that she got Wayne's meal. Wayne might have noticed but he didn't say anything.
Poor guy starved, lol.

I had to run over to my friend and Stampn' Up lady's, to put in my big yearly order. I always wait to put in my order this time of year because of Saleabration. So you get some free stamps with your order. I got 4 free :)

That's about it for me today. Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.



  1. I think Martha Stewart's punches are the best! I haven't got any of the punch around the page ones yet, though. Please, post a review when you've tried them out. :)

  2. I love Martha´s punches....I have only two of them :(
    kisses from Brazil

  3. That punch looks great! Looking forward to see what you do with it!! I only have one of her punches, weird huh? Too funny about the meat. Mike would have been all over that! Lol!

  4. oh i love martha's punches-because of you post i got mine out and used them on a layout--thanks!!

  5. Tracy,
    I have never tried her punches but have heard great things about them
    I have an award for on my blog

  6. Have fun trying out that new punch around the page. I do so love Martha Stewart punches.

  7. Looks like a fun punch... hope you get time to play with it :)

  8. That's a very cool looking punch! I can't wait to see what you end up creating with it! I have never seen or bought any Stampin' Up stuff, but I know that if I did, I'd be in such serious trouble. Can't afford that right now. Have fun with your new stuff!

  9. I love Martha punches too!!!

    Poor Wayne....throw an extra potato on for him tonight!

  10. Cool punches Tracy! Have fun playing with them!

  11. i saw all of yous on your lunch! lol

  12. Very smart shopping with Stampin' Up! You must have put in quite an order to get 4 free sets! Hope you'll post photos of all the goodies when you get them!

  13. ut oh you are gonna buy surprises again:(
    I wait for saleabration too. I got 7 sets for free! whoo hoo.
    I am showing another peek at the mini. Would love to know your thoughts.
    Have a good one my friend


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