Saturday, March 12, 2011

A shopping I have gone :)

I am laying in the bed of our hotel as I type this.....oh such a hard life, teehee.

Well we started off in the darkness of 6:00am. And if you know me I am not a morning person. I just kept chanting in my head...Archiver's, Archivers...and I was up and out of the house in 1/2 an hour :)
The weather was so nice, we started with the temperature at -1C. Then once we crossed the border 40 minutes later the snow started to fly and it got a bit colder.
Then I fell asleep. I am like a baby in a car.....once we start on a long drive I doze off.

During one of our pit stops, Ashley came out of the stall with this stuck to her foot. I was thinking of not telling her so her sisters could get a laugh, but the mom in me won and I let her know....but not before I got a picture, lol.
I picked up my favourite American treat :) Or at least I haven't seen them in my city.
This is my lap when ever we travel. Wayne is always questioning me why I have to bring so much stuff when we take a road trip. I always have at least one bag...and this one is a biggy. I have a book in there and many different colours of crochet thread, my needles and scissors, as I was making some flowers in between my naps....Plus those crochet balls make a great neck support as I sleep :)
Awww aren't they so cute. Here is Ashley and Kristy. We are at Cabela's here. I think that they are just happy that our 6 and a half hour drive is over.
And here is Heather. She hates to get her photo taken.....but I will get at least one of her this weekend :)
We went to Burnsville mall and I heard all these kids screaming. I looked down and saw this indoor play center. Don't kids play outside in the park anymore?
OK, I know what you really want to know is what I have bought on my trip thus far.
So I won't keep you guessing any longer.
These are the treasures that I picked up at Jo-anns. I think everything was 40% off. I had to purchase some white cardstock, because I want to play with some of my new goodies:)
Here are my treasures from Michael's and Target. I saw this paperclip/rubber band container for a dollar and thought of altering it. The stamps I got at Micheal's and they were on sale :)

A better look at these pretty flowers. I think I can make my own :) That is why I bought them, to figure out how to reproduce them ;)
I saved the best for last......
Yes those are some Copics!!!
These treasures came from Scrapbook Too.
The copics were $6.50 each. But buy 2 get 1 free. At home they are $7.50 each, and I have yet to hear of a deal.
There wasn't a big selection of colours but the ones I did purchase I think will blend well. That is why I needed the white play :) But not only with my markers but my first ever Magnolia stamps. I am so pumped.
Oh funny story.
My girls were walking in the mall and a man stopped them and asked them if they knew the way to heaven.
Ashley replies. No we're from out of town.
I laughed so hard when she later told me this.
Then he went on to ask them if they believed in the Lord.......Like its any of his business.
Hope I didn't offend anyone with this, but I thought it would give you all a chuckle.
Hope your Saturday is going as well as mine is. Off to play with some copics.
Archiver's tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh what a great trip it is turning out to be.
    Oh I had to giggle at the t.p. photo op mom! but laughed so hard at the girls "we are from out of town" statement. Oh HYSTERICAL!
    Now you bugger you got so many goodies and you haven't even hit the mega yet. I love the rack for inks you got. I been thinking of one of those too.
    Lots of tim holtz goodies I see. Can I just say Pea Green at the moment. LOL
    Glad you are all enjoying yourselves.
    Tell Heather she is such a pretty girl like her sisters, no reason NOT to have her picture taken...

  2. P.S. if you learn how to make those beautiful flowers you better share. LOVE LOVE them.

  3. Okay one more time. LOL I think we need to swap some of that caramel stuff too! LOL

  4. That's quite a haul! I hope you'll like the Copics. And I adore those pretty stamps! Enjoy all your new goodies!
    Your daughter Ashley's reply to that man is hilarious! I laughed so hard I almost fell off the chair. I'll have to memorize that! :)

  5. ohhh got me some copics for the first time last week, got 8 and already love them, they cover anything :-). Also have that ink stand thingy and have some glue sticks in it as well, is great. We cant buy packs of white cardstock which irks me we have to get it individually, so stupid. Wish I could go to Archivers, have fun

  6. Wow, lots of lovely goodies, you can be crafting up a storm. But I must say, it was the puff corn that caught my attention; I love this stuff in the butter flavor, didn't know they made it in caramel. It's not the most practical crafting snack, though. Have fun at Archiver's - like that's a chore!

  7. What a great trip you are having and really funny reply about the Heaven thing, I will have to remember that. Looking foward to hearing what you get at Archivers, is this a store like Michael's? enjoy the rest of your trip

  8. oh wow did you get some good stuff! love all the dies you got! i can't wait to see all the things you are going to create!!

  9. Tracy,
    Wow, you have a lot of goodies to play with, Love the pic in the stall, that is to cute
    Enjoy your weekend sweetie

  10. Funny about being out of town. LOL. Looks like you've bought some good stuff.

  11. Ooh, I'm jealous about the magnolia stamps. They are so cute! I'm a Christian and I even hate people stop you and ask all sorts of questions. It really is none of their business. Her response is classic! Have another great day shopping!

  12. That reply that Ashley gave that man is a hoot! Even my pastor would like that one. :-) What fun to shop for scrapbook supplies! At least you use yours.;-) Mine is in a huge pile on my desk and closet. Well, at least I'm getting a grip on organizing my closet. But the desk is another story. lol!

  13. I haven't seen those Jolee flowers or that caramel puffcorn!! Going to have to hunt them down...

  14. Nice stash!!! Woohoo!!

    Laughing my arse off at Ashley's reply! Will have to remember that one!

  15. I have scrap envy right now!! I would KILL to be able to buy that much scrappy stuff in one trip!! I only have 3 copics & one of them is a blender pen. I'm not into stamping, so I've not used them except to experiment once.

    However, I got a chuckle out of the comment that Ashley told that man at the mall. Between that & the toilet paper on her shoe....LOL!

  16. Loved Ashley's reply...Lol Looks like you had a great trip and a lot of goodies. That deal you got on copics was outstanding.

  17. Ashley's reply cracked me up, I had to pass that one along to Mike! I'm drooling over all your purchases thus far. Your Tim Holtz dies look amazing! Can't wait for a review on the Copics! I haven't purchased any yet, will wait to see what you think before I pull the trigger :)

  18. Looks like you had fun. Your got some great stuff!


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