Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A video.... Altered Excel Tin.

I did a video today :)
It seems like forever since I did one. I know it hasn't been that long, but after doing a video a day for 31 days, it seems like a long time.

Here are some pictures of the project that I did.
Ashley always gives me these containers, as well as others, to do something with. So sweet that she is always looking for things for me to create with.
So here is the container. Here they are altered. I am going to keep them in my jeep to hold dental floss picks. Have to take care of our teeth and gums, we don't want false teeth, or gum disease :)

Onto My Day:

My day was pretty laid back. I did some paper work. Went for a walk to the mail box to mail some cards.
Hubby, Kristy and I went out to some errands.

I redid my French Manicure today. I still think it is an Epic Fail (as my girls would say). I will keep practicing though.

So how was your Wednesday? Did you get to create today?



  1. You really are craftastic! you can take anything and alter it! Love it!

  2. Really love your altered excel tins. I like your idea of adding toothpicks and picks for your teeth. The only thing I could think of to add to them would be some candy perhaps. But I like your idea much better, it is less fattening.

  3. Love the little tins, not sure what else you could put in them though, I will probably think about that all day now..... your nails look good in the video, I saw a white pen the other day to paint your nails with and then just paint over with a polish afterwards, it looked pretty easy and not so messy as painting french.

  4. I think your nails look nice. The gal that does mine paints the big area under my white tips a clear pink. Got mine done yesterday and I feel better.
    How about a container for a mini sewing kit, bandaids/first aid. emergency money for the craft store of course. LOL
    spare house keys. make a mini address book for it.
    okay that is all I have. Fresh out of ideas.
    Thanks for the video Tracy. It was the perfect pick me up!

  5. those are soooo adorable! thanks for sharing.

  6. VERY pretty!!!!!! And good use for them! :-)

    My Wednesday was parent teacher conference day so no chance to create - I can barely even stay awake for the drive home on conference day.

  7. Wow Tracy, it is such a lovely creation you made out of a tin!!! You inspire me!!!
    There is a gift for you on my blog!!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  8. Tracy,
    I am loving this! It turned out great. I love to recycle things, and will add this to my list

  9. Those are way too cute! Seems like all the mint containers I find are plastic. I'm going to have to be on the look out for some nice metal ones like that. I think your nails look good. Kristina Werner has a great video on how she does her french manicure. I think it's still on her blog and I'm sure on youtube.

  10. these are so cute! you did an awesome job!

  11. These are fun! I also have a bunch of stuff to alter that are still sitting there....needing to be altered. But I love the little stuff like this, quick easy projects. And I think your nails looked great too! :)

  12. Those tins look fabulous, I can't watch the video at work, but will try to catch it when I get home, if I can get to my computer that is. I'm trying to move my new husbands stuff into the's a very small house, so right now we have piles of crap all over and desperately need to organize!

  13. You containers turned out great!

  14. that tin is brilliant, i can't believe you made it from something like that.... really beautiful xx

  15. This is awesome! Might have to give this a try.

  16. oooh I love those!! They came out great... and they are functional too! Great job on those!

  17. those are really neat tins! i love the design!! :)

  18. That is such a great idea with those tins! I may have to do a few of those myself as I'm trying to take better care of my teeth! Thanks for sharing!


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