Sunday, March 13, 2011

More :)

We started off nice and early...maybe a little to early. Archiver's wasn't open when we arrived. Hubby said I was like a kid waiting for the candy store to open, teehee
I was a little disappointed in Archiver's. The staff was awesome. But the prices were more expensive then when we were here a few months ago.
Mind you that's not to say that I didn't get anything ;)

There was a whole new display for Lego land. I am blown away by what they make with Lego's. So cool. There was a performance going on in the center of the mall. These kids were Celtic dancers. I was blown away by there performance. Very well done.
Told you I would get a picture of Heather by the end of our trip. I told her about a comment that was left on my blog (thanks Pea) I think it helped me with my mission, teehee. I should have cropped the saw blade (not really sure what it is) out of the photo.
OK. now onto my treasures :)
I went to IKEA !!!! Love that store, wish we had one closer.
I picked up some more towel racks to store and display my punches on.
I picked up these baskets for added storage.
And more shelving for my scrap/craft room to display the special treasures that my creative bloggers and YouTube friends send me :) Here is the treasures I picked up from Archiver's.
I wasn't going to get any more papers, but I couldn't resist ;)
Picked up some more copic's. I sure hope I really love colouring images with these as I have quite a few now. I didn't get time to play (I mean work) with them last night.
Oh, I know you want a closer look at everything.
See how considerate I am :)
I purchased this Tim Holtz recycle bag. I just had to, isn't is so beautiful?
That is about all for me tonight. I think I'm going to warm up my left over Red Lobster's dinner and then figure out how much everyone bought for when we go over the border.
I may have to put some of my treasures on hubby's list. I may have gone over my limit :O

Hope you had a creative Sunday:)



  1. I have never been to Ikea. I think a trip is in order soon. My punches are not liking where they are at and this is a wonderful solution. may I borrow that idea?
    OMG look at that loot! Whoo hoo! Ya know there is alot worth stealing ;) but I think that bag is at the top of my list. That phrase fits me on so many level. Yeah we have a rain storm to beat all rain storms right now. LOL Oh I know it will come in handy for ya. Hide your treasures from the snow you get. LOL
    YEA! heather, Heather we see your pretty face. So glad that she listened to a crazy lady named Pea. LOL If I was as pretty as them girls I would be a camera ham all the time. LOL
    Now Tracy, why is it we can bump up all the pics but the one of you? MMMMMMMMMMMm practice what you preach girl friend. LOL tsk, tsk.
    Off to edit some pictures of my creative time. Have a wonderful trip home. Can't wait to see what you create with all your goodies.

  2. IKEA is a blessing when you need scrapping storage! Oh, I'm turning green over here. So many wonderful papers and supplies! I can't wait to see what you'll create.

  3. looks like a fun time! looks like you will have many happy crafting days to come!

  4. I've been to that store in the Mall of America a few times! Archiver's can be hit or miss. Sometimes tons of new stuff, other times not so much. I don't have one near me, just have to hit it when I'm traveling. Nor do I have an IKEA. The IKEA in Orlando opened right after I moved to Nashville. Of course. Have fun with your new scrapping goodies!

  5. Tracy,
    You sure did get a lot of great goodies.
    Have a safe trip home

  6. Looks like a fun day! I have never been to an Archivers but would love to go.

  7. Looks like a fantastic day of shopping! How awful to have that stupid mall gate separating you from all the goodies at Archiver's! Torture!

  8. Some more great stuff! Isn't Ikea great, especially for crafting.

  9. Sounds like tons of fun! I'm jealous about the Graphic45 goodness I see!

  10. Loads of goodies I bet you can't wait to get back and play? Have a safe trip back...

  11. You have FABULOUS taste in scrappy supplies! I would love all of that, lol! I do already have BB Timepiece, love it so much!

  12. Looks like you made quite the haul from Minneapolis. Lots of scrappy goodness. Looks like they have a lot better selection than our local JoAnns and Michaels. IKEA is such a great shopping adventure--we first experienced the store when we lived in Germany 26 years ago. We still have stuff we initially bought over there that is in great shape. Great deals that last a long time.
    Hope you have a safe trip home.
    Glad to hear you are coming to MT in August rather than March. The weather should be much nicer, although probably very warm. You need to travel a little further west than i could treat you to lunch and you could see the mountains too,.

  13. Looks like you guys are having such a great time! You really like Graphic 45 huh? Lol! I have that same Tim Holtz bag and I love it!!!

  14. Your goodies look gorgeous Tracy, can't wait to see your results from your copics, hope these are right for you.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. Looks like you got all kinds of goodies!!! Bet you can't wait to play! You will LOVE coloring with COPICs. It's ADDICTIVE!!!

  16. You must have been there very early to have been the only one outside looking in. Great goodies you picked up - very cool.

  17. Ooooh, I love your goodies! We have an Archivers and every time I go in there I'm in shock over some of the prices. We have an IKEA opening this fall and I can not wait! As far as the copic markers, I've been watching a lot of videos and am liking them more and more. Since I am not spending right now I think I will put them on my list for later :0) Love the Tim Holtz bag by the way!

  18. How fun does this look? Glad you had a good time and glad you found some things to buy (like us addicted people need any help doing that right?) Patti

  19. Oh! I went to the Lego store once! It really never occurred to me that they might change out the displays though! Maybe we should go back one day. :-)


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