Thursday, March 24, 2011

My baby is 16.

Today my baby turned 16. I can not believe it.

When she was little she would just climb on her dad's or my knee and just be at peace.
She would call me into her room to lay down with her while she fell asleep (and of course I did).
She would tell us where she was going every second of the day. "I'm going down stairs", "I'm going to the bathroom" or "I'm going in my bedroom now". We thought it was so cute that she wanted us to know where she was every second.
Now she is old enough to drive.

She always had a habit of rubbing the underneath of my neck, when ever she sat with me or before she fell asleep. I wonder if she remembers that?
Look at those eyes. I just want to snuggle those cheeks.
Here is my baby tonight on the day of her 16th Birthday. I still have to get my head around this. I had 16 years to prepare, but I'm still not ready.
Doesn't she look so happy. She loved her gifts.
I look at her and think back to me at her age. I moved out and lived on my own at 16. Different times I tell you.
About this picture.. Hubby said if I'm in the photo don't put it on your blog. I told him you like 1 inch big in it. Your so tiny no one will even notice. His reply...Oh I look skinny? Put it on your blog. LOL.

Here is a double page layout I did of Kristy.
Wayne had nick names for the girls.
One day Kristy was all upset, and told me "Mommy, Daddy's calling me names".
I asked her "What name is Daddy calling you?".
Her reply "Blue Eyes".
I had to explain to her that daddy was calling her a loving name not a mean name.
Ohhh I love the way kids think.

So I had to make a layout of it. This layout is quite dated. I just framed the photo's and cut the title out with my Coluzzel or hand cut it with a stencil. Yup I have been scrap booking for a long time. I don't even think that they sell this tool anymore. Just picture these two layouts side by side to read the full title.
Thankful Thursday:

1. That I am lucky enough to have raised this girl and enjoy every second with her.
2. That I got to spend the evening enjoying the company of family.
3. That Kristy loved her gift, and was very surprised by it.
4. That Spring is on its was -17C this morning, but Spring has to come....its nature.
5. That my nephew and niece got to bring their baby home from the hospital, and all is fine.
5. Of all the nice, sweet comments I receive on here. It puts a smile on my face every time I see a new comment.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Well you did good girl. It is a tough one when the baby grows up. I know all too well.
    She is a beauty.
    Hope it was a wonderful birthday Kristy. What was it that she was holding up? Can't see.

    Thankful Thursday,
    that I have wonderful friends like you.
    got I got my preorder goodies today.
    Had a day to myself at the Beauty Salon
    That I got to spend one more day making memories with my Mom.

  2. your baby is so pretty! the nice thing is she will always be your baby no matter at what age.

    very cute page. i love all the pictures!

    have a great friday crop!

  3. She is so pretty now and when she was small, love that Wayne said it was okay to put the pic on the blog when he knew it was a skinny picture. so funny, have a great weekend

  4. Beautiful girl!!! and beautiful blue eyes :)
    hugs from Brazil

  5. Happy Friday, Tracy. Any great plans for the weekend?
    Your baby is a real beauty--especially with those big blue eyes. Happy Birthday, to Kristy. They do grow up far too quickly--hard to believe my baby will be 21 in June.
    Curtis is on the road and going to visit his dad tonight--so I have mostly today and tomorrow to create.
    Have a good one.

  6. Tracy,
    You have a beautiful daughter. You and Wayne should be very proud. Glad she had a great birthday. I love the layout too, you need to do more of these
    Have a great weekend sweetie

  7. Happy birthday Kristy! She is so pretty Tracy and you're right, she does look happy! My baby will be four this summer, I can't imagine her being 16... Wish there was a way to slow down time. I'm 34 and my mom still calls me her baby, guess that never changes.

  8. Happy Birthday to Miss Kristy! Those photos of her are great! Cute page!

  9. Happy Birthday to Kristy! Adorable story with your layout.

  10. What a great story. It's memories like that, that are great for scrapbooking. My son is only 4, but I'm already sad for the day he grows up to be a teenager, graduates, etc. I don't think any parent is prepared for those days.

  11. You brought tears to my eyes. It has been ages since my children were 16. Reading the things you remember of your daughter when she was little took me back to when ours were wee ones and the delight they brought to our lives.

    I'm grateful for you reminding me of the treasures we were blessed with and have grown into totally awesome people.

  12. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your daughter and so glad she had a great day:)

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I remember turning 16 and it was so exciting!! I think your layout is darling :) And I still use my Coluzzle :-)

  14. They grow up so fast don't they... my daughter is 16 also and I swear I don't know where the time went. Love reading your blog and my hubby would of said the same thing about him in a photo. LOL

  15. Such a lovely tribute to your beautiful baby girl! Happy birthday to Kristy. I enjoyed reading the memories that you have of her when she was a little girl, so lovely.I also love your husband's comments about his picture on the blog. Way too

  16. Aww...what a wonderful mom and dad your daughter has! I love the things you remember about her as a small child...I can relate to this post because today my son also has a birthday and I reminisced on my blog too...gotta be a mom thing! Thanks for sharing your sweet story and I have quite a few layouts that look like just like your "blue eyes" ones.

  17. hello tracy!
    can not give up to save the Planet!
    happy birthday to her and is always happy, she is beautiful!
    I have two babies and adult married and will always be my babies!
    great weekend for you!

  18. The photos of your daughter are beautiful. Love the one with the watermelon - too cute!

  19. Wow, Happy Birthday Kristy! My oldest will be 16 in November and I'm not prepared either :0) I am thankful for getting my tutorial series for my mini album up on my YT channel, yay! Have a great weekend!

  20. Aww! How sweet! My baby was 16 in September.

  21. Happy sweet 16 to your baby!! She's gorgeous...and wow - those baby blues!!!!

    I am laughing at Wayne's comment. I love your hubby! He cracks me up!


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