Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No cards, but I got to colour :)

I wasn't able to make a card today. But did get to colour.

I used my Stampn' Up markers. I know I still need some practice. I tried to use my blending marker, but wasn't to happy with the turn out.
I coloured a tad over the line on her hair. You can see what happened, it kind of softened the paper. I can either cut around the image, as you all kow how much I love to fussy cut, NOT. Or I can add some shadow around the whole image.
I didn't use a light enough purple for the highlighting of her dress so used the blender marker for that. I don't like how that turned out either, so I will be recolouring that.
I know its far from Halloween (thankfully). But this image is just to adorable not to colour her in. I like how this one turned out. I know I have to work on my shading and highlighting, but I think I'm slowly getting there.
I enjoy colouring with my Stampin' Up markers. I also enjoy colouring with my Copic's, but I don't have that many colour choices with the Copic's. Here are all the Copic markers I own...so far, lol.
I used my Copics for this image. How cute is she?
Oh I did use my Stampn' Up paper for colouring these images. This paper is waaaay better then the other paper I used. It is nice and smooth and my Copic's don't bleed over the stamped images. I am happy with it. I know there are other paper's that others prefer, but I have nothing to compare this too, so I am very happy with this. Onto My Day:

I took a nap this morning. I had a real good sleep last night. Hubby didn't snore!!! But I was just whipped.
Then I took Heather and Ashley for lunch at the mall as we went to pick up Kristy's BDay present. Then I had some running around to do.
I ran to Michael's to pick up a Zip glue pen. They wanted over $7.00 for the tiny one. And I forgot my coupon at home. So I have some running around to do tomorrow, so I will bring my coupon with me then.

I just thought I would share some awesome oatmeal that I am loving at the moment. I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I came across this the other week. Soooo good. But I think you get less packages in the box. I really hate when they do that. They add more things in it, so they give you less. Grrrrr.

So this weekend I am going to make my own. I know Nicole has a recipe for oatmeal in her crock pot, so I am hoping to try it, but with my own spin on it. I will let you know how it turns out.

Proud Tuesday:

1. Did my walk yesterday :)
2. Did my Reformer class tonight.
3. Spent time with my girls
4. Made time to colour today.

What did you do today to make you feel proud?


  1. I forgot about the primer! I guess that makes 7 coats to red with no roller marks! LOL! I am so looking forward to my copic classes this weekend at CKC Portland. then I too will be able to color images! LOL on the oatmeal! Hope it turns out yummy!

  2. great images!! love what you did with all the colors!

  3. they look really good Tracy. You have more copics then me heheh am going shopping tomorrow for some more. Are your images stamped?

  4. what great coloring. you are a natural at this! great job

  5. water blessed!!!
    everything is beautiful what you do
    thanks for the message
    have a happy day
    Kisses from Brazil!!!

  6. Love all your colouring and the images are really cute. Guess what? your card and the envelopes arrive today, thank you so much, now I just need the time to make a mini with them but first I have to find your video again. x

  7. Awww, all of those girls are just darling. Truthfully, had you not told about your difficulties I would have not known you had any "oopsies". I guess being overly self critical is part and parcel to this crafting world. Personally, I think your colored images - all of them - are fantastic.

  8. Cute, cute coloring! I love that Halloween image!

  9. Love to see you compare the SU! markers to the copics. I've been wondering about that. I had a milkshake, nothing to be proud of there!

  10. Your images look so good. I can't tell a difference between the Copics and Stampin' Up! images they both look great! I eat oatmeal every morning too, raisin, date and walnut though:) yum!

  11. Tracy,
    I love the images. You are doing a great job with the coloring. I can't tell the difference between them. Please let us know how the oatmeal turns out

  12. Great job coloring! It is one of my favorite stress relievers.

  13. I think you did a great job on your coloring. It does take practice and I have been doing that. I also have been buying copics and I think I have 54 of them now. How did you know what colors to pick?? I feel like I still need so many just to blend...ugh...lol
    Keep up the great work.

  14. If you had not pointed out your oopsies, I don't think I would have noticed because all of your coloring projects turned out so pretty! :o)

  15. I have a friend that just started as a Stampin' Up consultant...and the little girl on the pumpkin is on top of my wish-list! She is darling (as are the rest of the stamps in that set!)

  16. Your projects look great - you have a lot more Copics than I do!

  17. Soon your COPIC stash will grow.... it is really hard to enjoy them until you get a few to blend with. I started with about 12 markers, I think....and now have just over 100. I love 'em!! I can't even remember the last time I used my coloring pencils.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying coloring...I knew you would. ;)

  18. Love your coloring...if only I could do that! And you did accomplish quite a bit today-me?...well I did my Bible study, made the bed,have two loads of freshly laundered clothes waiting to be folded & I've sent a few need-to-send emails as well as responded to one already.
    I would have had to do the grocery shopping but I did it yesterday so I could play today!

  19. Hi Tracy,
    Your colouring is coming on really well. Sounds like you had a really good day. Enjoy your week.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  20. Love the way your coloring images are turning out. Really cute! I only like one kind of oatmeal, Quaker instant Cinnamon and Spice, yummy!

  21. Love the images that you have used -- your colouring is coming along fabulously! Thanks for visiting my site! (Btw... I live in Mississauga, ON) :)

    I too eat oatmeal every day...!!! Have you ever tried using steel-cut large flake oats for your oatmeal? I put dried fruits, nuts, etc. and then cooking oats/fruit in microwave -- soooo yummy :)

  22. U did super FINE we criticize ourselves to much.. U done GREAT!!! THE OATMEAL that is so funny I been Looking for weeks for the Oatmeal Cearal found some yesterday O MY GOsh it is so good with strawberrys..The regular oatmeal dont go to good with all these wires i got in my mouth..:O(

  23. Coloring counts for making something in my book and you did a fabulous job! I love how shaded things look!

  24. Love your copic creations! I really like the Halloween one! Thanks for sharing your progress in learning how to color with them...it makes me want to pick mine up and give it that "college try," lol


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